I dont know what I should do

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I dont know what I should do

Hi. I have been using drugs for 6 years now, since high school, and throughout college. I use them to get through the day sometimes, here and there.. I always try to moderate myself. I've never really been physically addicted, or a "use every day" person until a couple of weeks ago.

I've done roxis in the past, and it's very difficult to keep them in control but I managed. A few weeks ago my doctor put me in a bunch of blood tests for possible HIV and Hepatitis, and I was terrified. I did roxis every day for a week after that. After that, my friend who's prescribed suboxone gave me some, and I used it every day for another two weeks or so. I finally ran out and it's been 3 days, I have no physical addiction like i'm sure most people here have. I'm not one to binge ever, but I want to fix this problem. I also haven't used other drugs besides roxis in the past couple of months.

So here I am. Do I need to go to rehab? I really don't want to, I'd like to recover in the privacy of my own home.
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All those sound like they can turn into "yets" very fast.
I cant say what you shpuld do. But I can tell you that if you used more because of anxiety of a blood test, and also started using everyday recently. Where do you think this is going to go if you dont find some kind of help?
What happens the next time something stresses you out? You know what I mean?
It is suggested to stop all use for like 30 days and see if you can do it. How you feel and if you decide to use again after that time. That should tell you more.
If you start using alot, you will develop a physical and mental addiciton. Then it is a serious issue and a hard one to solve. Stop now and seek some help somewhere. Like meetings, you Dr, anyone who you can trust and is sober.
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Hi lmnt1080

I think the first port of call for most of us, regardless of our addiction, is our Dr.

You can also maybe check out a support group like NA, find counselling or go to intensive outpatient rehab (IOP) as well as inpatient rehab...but I would discuss all the options with your Dr (or existing counsellor if you have one) to find the best course of action for you.

It's good you're thinking of breaking this cycle now.

You'll find a lot of support here.

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