It's Rowan's Birthday

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Miracles Happen
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It's Rowan's Birthday

Ro, Happy Birthday with all my love and friendship.
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Happy Birthday, Ro
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Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!
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not a greeter
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Happy Birthday RoRo!

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bona fido dog-lover
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Have a wonderful happy birthday!:day67
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Happy Birthday Ro!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Happy Birthday, dear Rowan!


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Happy Birthday Rowan!!!
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Row, Row, Row your boat....oh wait a minute.....Happy Birthday Rowan!
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Nature Girl
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Happy Birthday Dear Rowan

May your day be as special as you are.

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Happy Birthday to a lovely person. Thanks for all you add to SR, and for helping me recover with your words. Love, Joanie
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Happy Birthday Rowan

Thanks for being part of SR... I have told you how we first met... and you have been an inspiration to me with your strength...

Have a great day
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:day2 ..from all us ozzys...
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Happy birthday Ro! Thankyou for being a great friend. I love ya!

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Happy Birthday!!!!
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Thank you, friends. It's been a good day.
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Living in sobriety
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happy birthday Ro!
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Happy Birthday My dear Rolo!! Love you BUNCHES!!
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Ok, I'll stop now
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IO Storm
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Happy Birthday Sis!

All my love,

Sher :ghug3:
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