Close call...

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Close call...

Well it's been 7 days and true to form I ALMOST gave in to the urge tonight-it has been a rough day-plumbing blew out and flooded my mobile home. Anyway I was driving back home after having it fixed and was thinking how nice it would be to get some wine and forget about my day. Next thought was about here and how I didn't want to post a Day 1 thread! Seems like now I am finally bein honest about my struggle somewhere that it is almost a relief and makes it easier to stay sober when I can at least talk about it. I just tried to remind myself how bad I would feel tomorrow throwing away the last week of sobriety-not much but a week is a week especially for me! And a day is a day and another one is about to pass with no alcohol for me so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here-all your posts help me a lot
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Akazia - well done!

You are doing great to notice both a trigger and also the "little voice in your head".

Drinking wouldn't have made anything any better as you know.

Keep up the good work!
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great work akazia - it's really important to recognise old behaviour and stop it

well done

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I'm trying The support here really helps-I just need to get out of the habit of drinking on weekends-the little voice telling me "oh you don't have to work-just relax" when the next morning is rough-I have known this since June and this is the first weekend I have suceeded-looking forward to another day sober
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That's great!!
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Good for you!

That's the way to do it, and each time you get through a moment like that, you will find it easier the next time.
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