just want to say hi

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just want to say hi

Hi everyone have been looking at this site for a while and am finally ready to jump in. I am a 31 yr old mom of a soon to be 3 yr old. Up until August 2008 I was drinking VERY heavy for about 6 months, at that point I cut back due to a interlock in my car which caused me to cut back during the week as I had to et to work and couldn't start the car if I drank more than 6 beers a night. Then, this last June I made a hard effort to limit my drinkin to weekends only which has worked and I have cut down from drinking 10-12 beers on the weekend down to a bottle of wine (if that is cutting down). Anyway I now just want to stop altogether as I am just tired of it. I really only started drinking after 21 and I have gone through heavy years and light years since then and one year of sobriety with my daughter until she was 3mths. I am just askin for your support and advice-I get so stressed being a single mom sometimes I just want that drink and then hate my self the next day. I don't want her to see mommy drunk anymore...please help
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Welcome Akazia21

from lurking, you already know what a great place this is for support - good to have you here and posting!

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thanks-yes from out of the shadows and into the light guess you could say-I try to get to AA when I can but there are only two meetings in my area that have childcare so it is hard-especially workin full time they don't fit in with my work schedule-I have drank since saturday night and the week is not much of a challenge-the real effort is going to come Friday night-need to deprogram my brain from the habit. Fortunately I am sleepin okay-the rough part was when I stopped daily drinking-that was when the insomnia kicked in-now its all in my head-which I guess is the even harder part right?
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Welcome mamas! You've made a great decision by realizing you having a problem and deciding to do something about it so congrats!I have 27 days clean and sober and am taking it 1 day at a time please PM me if you ever want to vent/talk were here to support eachother!
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Glad to know you are planning for a better sober future.

Welcome Blessings to you and your daughter
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Welcome akazia 21! I'm a mom too altho my daughter is now an adult. I didn't start drinking heavily until she was a teenager. It has caused a lot of hard feelings between us. I found this site about a month ago. Started out with 17 days sober & messed up. I am now completing my 11th day and feel really good about myself. My daughter realizes how hard this is for me and how hard I am trying and thank goodness she wants me in her life. You have the opportunity that I wasted -- being a sober mom during her childhood so that she has GOOD memories during her adolescent years. So glad you have joined us!
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Hi Akazia Welcome to SR!
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welcome! You have a wonderful opportunity to raise your child in an addiction free household, I applaud you for getting help now.

My daughter was raised by 2 drunks. She is 22 now, with substance abuse issues of her own, and I will never know if raising her in a sober environment would have changed that.
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