Question about rehab.

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Question about rehab.

Is there such a thing as free rehab centers?

I'm so broke I barely get to eat, but I think in-patient care rehab would be the best thing for me.

I don't suppose these places exist?
I'm not holding my breath, anyway.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Welcome to SR Vox!

I don't know what part of the world you are, but the short answer to your question is yes, there are free Rehabs. You can call 1-800 662-HELP and they can re-route your call.

Why don't you post in the Newcomers To Recovery section here at SR and introduce yourself. You will likely get more responses to your question over there.

Good Luck with everything Vox and congratulations on your decision to get clean/sober
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Welcome to SR

I noticed your post was lost among another Forum
threads so I did move it here to Newcomers for you.

The Salvation Army runs free rehab centers in many areas.
My adult son is in one in Tulsa where he also re training
for his future They offer various program...all free.

And ....National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service available at
This service can provide you with information about treatment programs in your local community and allow you to speak with someone about alcohol problems

Hope you can find your way....
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pretty much every place in my area is free... so you definitely have options... it's people like me, with private insurance, who is having a heck of a time trying to find treatment!

best of luck in your recovery!
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If you're in the UK you can try the NHS. When I was in rehab I paid silly amounts of money but there was one guy in there from the NHS.
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In my location the county government has funding for those that are without enough money to enter rehab at two small private run treatment you might want to check that option out if you can.
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Hi Vox, and welcome!

In Michigan, you can go to the Health Department for a referral to a treatment facility that is no cost to you. I was able to go 90 days inpatient as an indigent (poor/needy). Also as Carol stated, The Salvation Army has treatment centers around the country that are free of charge, there is a 136 bed facility in Detroit that is six month inpatient. Don't give up, there is a way.

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I went to social services and I got admitted to treatment. But it ook some time. But I was released after 5 days because I wouldnt follow through with after care, like sober livng. Then when I tried to go again a year and a half later they denied me because I did not fit medical criteria. But thats my fault for denying what was really going on.
I am in the same process now but I am going full force and not holding back this time.
In Ny they have Salvation Army residential rehab. But you have to work and do service for them in exchange for treatment. That could always be an option.
There is some great advice here already.
Good Luck. And dont give up. Help is there. You juts have to dig sometimes.
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You'd be surprised at what is out there if you are willing to do the work and really want the help. I don't know what state you are in. I am in Florida and after doing a lot of research and phone calls I got the help I needed. I DO NOT have a bill. Detox, there was no cost, rehab, residential which I did for 10 months, was probably $2000 for that entire time. I paid what I could and do not have a bill with them either.

Will PM you some info real quick for you to check out in addition to what the others have suggested as well. Good luck!!! And Welcome to SR!!!
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