Percocet Hell !!!!

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Percocet Hell !!!!

Hello to everyone, Well here I go again with my Percocet withdrawls . I started using this drug several years ago due to all the pain I have as a result of a Pro Boxing career that is now over , im 50, so I have been using 90 #10 tabs a month off and on well ive been out for a few days and i want to get off this drug so BAD !! but im scared and dont know if I can stay away from the Doctor , as I know he will give me what ever I want so im trying this and I guess this a good start. is Percocet withdrawl Fatal ?? im just sick right now. Thank you.
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Hi and welcome. Any kind of withdrawl can be dangerous. Its not a good idea to just stop cold off antyhiong without medical supervision or advice.
Maybe you should talk to your doctor about getting off the drug or find a different dr to help with that.
I have never really done opiates, so I really have no good advice. But be careful.
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Hi and Welcome,

My suggestion is to get another dr immediately and talk to him about your problem.

I wish you well!
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Hi lt14life, I suggest telling your doctor that you have become addicted to the pain pills, then find another doctor and let him/her know that you are an addict before getting any medical care from them. It would be optimal If you can get into an IP detox and then go to an IP rehab program. It's also advisable to keep tabs on your vitals especially blood pressure when detoxing. Good luck and way to go on the realization that it has become a problem.
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I had to detox off of percocets a few years ago after a long back injury. I didn't realize I had become addicted to them until I stopped taking them. I had the weekend from hell - felt like I had a severe stomach flu, but then it was over by Monday. I assumed I HAD a severe stomach flu and it wasn't until years later I realized what it was. I detox'd off alcohol at home, too, which I didn't know can be fatal. (I found this forum after the fact) I would ask your doctor for advice. Maybe there is something they can give you to stop the withdrawal discomfort. Oh and NO JOKE about the blood pressure. Mine was sky high and that was 3 days without alcohol.
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Hi it14life

I agree with everyone else - you need professional advice. If your current doctor is not satisfactory to you, for any reason, find another one pronto.

We also have a Substance Abuse forum here.
You'll find a lot of help, support and experience there as well

Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Welcome to SR!
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hi there.... i know what you're going through. every month, i get through my rx of 120 of 10mg's in just under a week... then i withdrawl, and it's horrible. then i go buy stronger ones off of someone... then find another doctor. then i withdrawl again... it's the worst feeling ever.

however, it sounds as though your desire to stop is really strong. i called around and found a couple of doctors that provide medical care for getting off, and my appt is tomorrow morning.

let me know if you need to chat, i'm going through the same thing.
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I hear your pain, I have been addicted to opiates for seven years, and I weaned myself off. No choice, no money to see a doctor, or go to rehab. I suggest rehab if can. I am on day nine clean...if I can do it, anyone can! Good luck and keep coming back here.
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Thanks for all of the responces, well this is day four and its been bad , I feel a little better today only because of advil to help take away some of the pain. now my mind is really telling me I need the drug more then my body so its really hard because this thursday I can go pickup my RX but I dont want to. again thanks and if anyone wants to pm me thats fine.
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I am encouraged to read your post about coming off opiates on your own. I am weaning my self off my pres. meds. I believe that I can; I just don't know what to expect. The physical withdrawl is not my concern as much as the emotional dependancy and withdrawl. Anyway, best to you in your recovery.
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