Favorite music in recovery?

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Originally Posted by Threshold View Post
Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails...working out some anger here

Last time I listened to Nine Inch Nails I (theoretically) was high as a kite...

In recovery, I tend to listen to Austin-based country.... not the Nashville stuff. I like the realism and the guitars... One without the other would not work for me--but I *need* music in a strange way... might be a new addiction for me. Either way, I have heard tell in SR that people either listen/intentionally don't listen to music in recovery... I have to. Sobriety with no soundtrack is not something I think I could do.

Although, as I type this, I am listening to Psycho Realm, which is basically rap...
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It's like night & day how my taste in music has changed.(!) I was a Black Sabbath/ Ozzy fan to the point of insanity, along with AC/DC, Rainbow, & OLD Rush & Aerosmith ( in case you haven't guessed it, I'm a LITTLE older than a lot of you.) I've definitly mellowed out- really like blues now ( B.B King, Robert Cray, old Fleetwood mac), and even MY style of country ( Junior Brown).
ONE constant has remained, however-still love Pink Floyd. (!)
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For me music is a very powerful tool that can transform my mood from down to feeling pretty dang good.

My tastes in music are identical to my tastes when I was drinking. I make sure I get a good dose every day.
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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


i dont have to live like a refugee.
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Originally Posted by Cubile75 View Post
NPR is the only radio I will listen to.... I'm serious, if it's not public radio, it's not on.

Does that make me feeble?

If you're feeble, then I'm feeble too. I have no tolerance for the trash that's on commercial radio.

My musical tastes have not changed, but when I was drinking my overall interest in music waned. This is kinda sad, because I have always lived and breathed music. From the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep and I even dreamed music at night.

My mom tells my I was quite a fusser as an infant, and the only way they could get me to shut up was by placing me in front of the stereo playing Bach or Black Sabbath.

So I guess I've been a metalhead since birth. My interests in metal are still along baroque lines. Lord Belial and Old Man's Child are my favorites. I listen to a lot of Nile, Moonspell, Dream Theater (ok, they have very little baroque influence, but there has to be an exception somewhere), and even a little Psycroptic and Cannibal Corpse thrown in for good measure. Yeah, so I guess I'm all over the map.

Hehe, that brings up an amusing story... When my oldest son was in kindergarten the teacher asked each student to bring in a CD with their favorite song. The teacher played each student's song on her stereo so they could hear the differences in people's tastes and stuff. Well, she did play my son's choice, but she played it very quietly so it wouldn't scare the other kids hehehehehe

Proud of my boys, I am.

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Originally Posted by thirtybubba View Post

I tend to listen to Austin-based country....
Oh, you mean there is other kinds of country...

Have you checked out Jimmie Dale Gilmore... He's awesome. He's in recovery and has a great message. Townes Van Zandt is unbelievable, RIP, never found recovery, unfortunately. Joe Ely is excellent. Well I could go on and on. I love threads about music...

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Well, it wasn't during recovery, but it was while I was sober for a few months. I went in to have a Cardiac Cath to unblock a 95% blocked artery. After they gave me a valium and IV benadryl, I didn't care what they did to me. As they wheeled me into the Cath Lab, they had a portable radio on, playing that song by Daniel Powter..."So you had a bad day". I asked them to turn it off.

As far as my favorite recovery goes hand down to the band that I cut my teeth on back in the 70's..Kansas. There's something about them and the technical side of their music, as well as the lyrics that really appeals to me.
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