TOPIC: What's New Happening In Ur Sobriety?

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Thumbs up TOPIC: What's New Happening In Ur Sobriety?

Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
alcohol since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely grateful.

Since I got sober some many one
days at a time ago, there has been
so many things happening in my life.

From spending 28 days in rehab to
get sober to raising 2 awesome kids
with help from Above to get them
to a secured place in their lives.

To moving to and from Houston
and holding down several jobs
while in the mist of ending a 25 yr.
marriage, which did end peacefully.

This past Feb I remarried to a
wonderful man who is also in
recovery. What an awesome gift.

This past June i went thru total
left hip replacement which healed
perfectly in such a short time.

I lost my bakery job last Dec. while
in leg pain and now im rehired with
the same position. Begiining where
i left off which is awesome.

I have had lots of problems with
authority ordering me around and
thus give everyone he**.

Im hoping and praying that given
a second chance at this little job
that i can work more smoothly with
others instead of struggling with
my authority issues.

So, what new has been happening
in ur sobriety recently?
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I have a natural immunity to authority...

I'm not rebellious or anything, I'm just... immune. There's not a better way to put it.

So of course I own my own business. The business languished while I was drinking. It barely limped along.

But with sobriety has come quite a bit of luck, and today I hired a new employee! I'm very happy!

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husband drinks

After 7 years of sobriety, a few years ago I threw it away. Actually both my husband and I did - he had 12 years of sobriety. There was nothing that precipitated us falling of the wagon we just decided to jump off the wagon. I think we thought that after all the time that had passed we could try to drink normally. What a joke. We have now become drinking buddies but I want my sobriety back. They were some of the best years of my life. Here's wherein the problem lies, I quit for a few days and he consciously or unconsciously sabotages me. I know that I am ultimately responsible for my own actions but it's really difficult when he knows I'm trying to stay sober and then pours a drink and puts it in front of me. I know I can't blame him but what can I do to strengthen my resolve? I'm hoping this website will help because I'm not fond of AA, in fact when I was sober for seven years I did it without any help but I distanced myself from my old drinking buddies. We have a good marriage but I don't know what to do. I'm like a broken record with the needle stuck in the groove. Any suggestions?
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Get sober for you, not him, for you. No matter what way: AA, counseling, other recovery programs like Smart and LifeRing, or just using SR like a lot of our members are doing. Educating oneself on addiction to add another tool to our recovery toolbox. You can get sober no matter what he does. Do it for you. And detox safely. Talk to a doctor.
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Physically fit, mentally sane, infinite life options...available to anyone who can be bothered to get to meetings, get a sponsor and work the steps...some of the side effects:

Vast improvements self esteem, self respect, tolerance, patience, friendship, love, compassion, confidence...add to list!

Vast reductions in being/having racing mind, terminal uniqueness, selfish, self centered, self loathing...add to list!

It's not for everyone...apparently, so they say...yawn;-)
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Here is what is going on in my sobriety.

Yesterday I realized that a recently ended relationship was just another way I was using something to hide from life..the emotional roller coaster of that relationship. I was in recovery during the relationship, but never able to stay clean..of course I wasn't..I was still using!

Now I see the importance for me, of no new relationships until I've really worked on my issues. Whew! I'm staying clean this time, since I've identified one more way I was using, but in denial of.

Also...I don't believe in a HP that has my best interest in mind...but I got a little book a few weeks ago that planted an idea in my head that I decided it couldn't hurt to try. The book is not 12 step nor does it have anything to do with addiction or recovery...

I've been doing as it says and all sorts of funny little coincidences are happening in my life. Resources and people coming to me just when I need them...insights...all because I've been willing to be open to them..

Hmmm...I can't deny what is happening, something, somehow is making my recovery possible. I'm rolling with it. I say thank you and don't ask too many questions. I've been shown how little I know, and am humbled and willing to be shown.
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Thank you for a great post Sharon There is so much to list, so I will note the most important.

Very blessed to say that the last 15 1/2 years of my life were sober, in that time, I have:
Given birth to a now 14 year old Son who has never known a Mom that drinks.
I have the love, pride and respect of my family back.
I have become employable and now have a pretty good job that I am good at.
Came out of bankruptcy, fixed my credit, bought a house alone and a decent car.
I love me today, even with all of my faults, I am a great person.
I am healthy, body and (most of my) mind.
I understand that getting up for work on a cold day is a blessing. I could be getting up on a cold day to look for a job!!!!

I could go on forever, but thank you Sharon for making me think about the positives this morning, I REALLY this thread today.

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Originally Posted by aasharon90 View Post
Im hoping and praying ... that i can work more smoothly with others instead of struggling with my authority issues.
Hmmm, sober 20 years and still a recognition of defects and willingness to grow.

That's how it's done, folks. Thanks.
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well this one is new............and he wants all my attention.
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Some awesome shares here by wonderful
people. Thank you.

My first day at the bakery was great. My
fellow workers were very nice and s few
customers who remembered me made me
feel welcomed back.

No struggles with authority as i remained
willing and openminded by whatever
tasked they asked me to do.

Since being with the company for a yr
and half before leaving last Dec. they
were glad to have me back and someone
they didnt have to retrain.

Other than my tootsies hurtings from
standing all day, the day was wonderful.
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great thread Sharon! oh my gosh,my list is endless.i have a new found freedom,peace and serenity.i am rebuilding realtionships and making new and marvelous ones.i have some truly wonderful people in my life that have helped me enormously on my journey so far.i also have a constantly growing relationship with God,that i nurture to the best of my ability and never stop practising.i have gratitude today,,i have everything in my life i have never had before.all thanks to the 12 steps,good sponsorship,this place and folk from all walks of life and different situations that i try to treat with patience,tolerance,love and kindness.grand.
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