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Six months ago today I logged onto this site for the first time. I'd been drinking too much, and I was becoming increasingly worried that my use of alcohol was accelerating. Thanks to a lot of help and tough love here on SR, I got through that first month and have remained sober since then. Have not worked steps or been to an AA meeting, but I promised myself that I will not consider taking a drink again before going to a meeting. I am holding myself to that.

My whole personal "culture" of drinking has become increasingly vague as the weeks pass. Really doesn't even interest me any more. That said, I still get physical urges at times and I can't say I'm comfortable yet in social scenarios with other couples where everyone else is drinking but me. Frankly, my own personal stubbornness and perhaps even a touch of arrogance gets me through those situations. To hell with what anyone thinks about me not drinking...

Feeling blue lately because of a milestone age approaching. Would be easy to submerge myself in a six-pack to help forget about the wasted years, but then I remind myself of a key learning from SR: Alcohol always makes problems worse. It never helps. Plus, since a six-pack of decent beer costs about $10 (at least) these days, it's nice saving that money for something worthwhile something that won't kill me.

I haven't been posting as much as I should, and I feel bad for not helping newcomers to SR as much as others as have helped me. I'll be totally honest: Reading some of the stories of people falling off the wagon sometimes creates doubt about my own sobriety, and that scares me a little. That sounds terribly selfish, but it's true. Maybe someone else here has dealt with that...

I have a really big challenge coming over the holidays. Don't want to dwell on it now -- on what I consider a happy milestone day -- but will post about it as it approaches.

Thank you everyone who has helped me through this first six months of sobriety. I'm up to almost 16 million sober heartbeats thanks to you!
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Congrats Freeport!!

Six months is an awesome achievement!
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Hey man. Nice one on the 6 months!!

You signed up at about the same time as me in May. I had to go back out a few more times before I finally reached my current period of sobriety,thus i am about just under a couple of months behind you at 4+ months sober.

I think what i have learned is to try to always keep your sobriety firmly rooted in the day. That is how i am approaching it. It is easy to project about holidays, weekends etc but if you keep on keepon on sober Today then the months will keep on racking up.

6 Months is mighty achievement so well done. However please remember, as i have to remind myself, that we are forever only one drink away from despair, destruction and day 1 all over again.

peace and love xxx
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Congrats on your 6 months Freeport

Feeling blue is a common symptom around 6 months - it could be PAWs.
Post Acute Withdrawl - Relapse Prevention Specialists - TLC The Living Center

I also, know, for me, just not drinking wasn't enough.
I had other issues that needed to be addressed.

Of course, this may not be the case for you at all, but if you are thinking something is lacking, it's worth thinking about.

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That's awesome!!
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Good progress Freeport, and by sharing your experience you're helping more than you'll ever know.
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SIX MONTHS!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Don't look back - just keep moving forward - you can do it no matter whether the holidays are coming or birthdays or whatever. Just don't look back - I don't see how it could help if you might stumble upon regrets.
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Hi Freeport - Congrats on six months 7

Please, please don't get over confident now.

I had the worst cravings after my six month birthday because I wasn't really working on my recovery. You know this, but alcohol is our solution -- not the problem.

If we don't work on the problem, eventually we will relapse.

I love AA, but there are lots of ways to work on your problems that don't involve AA. But the key is doing the hard work that is required to be a recovering alcoholic not just an abstaining one.

Remember ... abstinence is not drinking and being unhappy about it ... recovery is not drinking and being happy about it.

Congrats again!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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good for you FP!

keep at it!
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Thanks for chiming in here, folks. Neo, you've inspired me many times. You're doing great, and it's an honor to be climbing the mountain w/you/. My loyalty to everyone here at SR has gotten me through some challenges the past six months. Though the last I am, Me, is overconfident, each day brings a renewed belief in my personal ability to be strong and remain sober.
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