Fresh out of rehab.

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Fresh out of rehab.

It was short, only 14 days, but it was insightful...especially listening to the stories of the people who were in there with me. Some tragic stories, stories about drinking that made me shudder and wonder why those people were still alive. The drug addicts I really couldn't relate to, but, the stories seemed to have the same theme....

We were told to keep a journal while we were there, and I did. I plan on posting it day by day over the next 14 days just to let you know what rehab is actually like...according to me, that is.
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Cool, I, for one, am looking forward to your posts!

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Welcome back! That's very cool of you to want to post your experience. I have a friend who's in rehab for 45 days..not sure how much he'll share with me when he's home. Hope you're doing well!
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Welcome back rangerbob

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That's an interesting idea Bob. Might generate some thoughtful posts.

Welcome back.

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Welcome! I'll look forward to your posts. I'm about 3 weeks out of rehab myself.
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Welcome back. Yes, your journal posts would be very interesting and likely helpful to others. Thanks.
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