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Hi, first time ever going somewhere for any kind of help. Very hard headed. Anyway I will look around a little to see what seems to help. It dam sure cant hurt. From my user name you can guess my goal. sooner than later.
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Welcome to SR!!

There are tons of great resources here and the folks are very helpful.
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Hi there and welcome

Your right it cant hurt and you never know it might just help
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Welcome to SR. SR sure has helped me. Hope you can find help here. Good people and quite a lot of good info too.
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Welcome nosub.
You'll find a lot of help and support here

Come check out our substance abuse forum too -
Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

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Welcome to SR, this is a great place for help and support, I consider most of the people here as my "family" in recovery.

I was pretty hard-headed for a long time too It's much easier once we learn to accept unconditional love from others
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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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Welcome nosub...glad you're here. If I had to guess, I'd guess you'll find it helpful...I know I do. Hope I'm right!
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Hello to you too and welcome to SR. Good people and lots of support here
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Thanks for the welcome. This site seems great! This is just what I need. Well for the most part. One question about support. How to go about finding a person or 2 to interact with on a closer level than open forum. Start with some email or pm? I guess with someone who has succeeded in the same area Im looking to do. IE get off sub. I just am afraid of bothering someone with my issues. Guess they can tell me if its not cool.
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If you notice someone who's posts you keep finding to be gems of wisdom, or someone who clearly has what you want, you may approach them respectfully via PM. tell them how you feel and ask if you might pick their brain on a subject.

They may be willing or not. If not, move on.

get to know a few people in the chat room the same way, or even by posting and reading...

In time you will find a few that you really mesh with, and some fellowship will grow organically, but don't be afraid to say "hey, I think you have something I need, do you have some time?"


today can be the day you live up to your screen name

this is a great place
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I think I have found a couple people I will try contacting. Now am I at 5 posts yet?
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Your post count is on the left side of the page right under your user name, and yes it says 5.
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