Getting to be the "Witching hour" here in TX

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Getting to be the "Witching hour" here in TX

I hate this time where I'm about to get off work and feel like I need to have a couple of drinks to unwind from my hectic day.

I hate that I have to argue with myself OVER AND OVER.
Drives me to drink everytime!!
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Nothing drives you to drink, you make the choice to.

The "witching hour" comes and goes for all of us.

Ultimately it's each and every one us deciding to drink, or not to.

I choose not to today, what do you choose?

Trust me, once you get sober, and want to stay sober.. there will be many more challenges a bit more intense than the time of day for you to face. Start small maybe.. if you're done.
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Drink time will always come, whether I'm newly sober or have lots of time under my belt. But as I've progressed in recovery I learn to use new tools and tactics to cope with the cravings.

The witching hour for me is 4:00 PM, that's when I'd start drinking every weekday. Now it's a good time for me to log onto SR, and at 4:30 I head off to a meeting. So far it's working pretty good.
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I got through my first witching hours running from the kitchen to this computer and reading responses to my posts. Each reply was enough to help me go another 15 minutes. I hope you are reading. I'll keep writing just don't drink. I am also in my witching hour which is why I can say I'll be here!

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Hi Krismutt

Smacked's right - it's down to us deciding to drink, or not to. We just have to put the effort in - and I don;t mean proactive...reach out...

some days are harder than others....those are the days you especially need to find a support network.

Can you vary your routine a little? I found that helped me - and like Astro said, SR is great too

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