Sunday PM blahs

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Sunday PM blahs

Anybody else suffer from the Sunday afternoon blah feeling? Watching hubby drink beer and stare at the fire in the fireplace. . . oh to do same with a glass of wine. Will I always feel as though I've nothing to look forward to?? Having a bad afternoon mood wise.
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Beer and a fire...the two go hand in hand for me. Went. Went hand in hand. Sorry you're having a rough go...Sunday's are a little hard for me, too. Last Sunday I caved and just went for it. Not this Sunday, tho. Things get easier with time, they tell me! Hang in there 'my dear Watson' as Sherlock would say.

Here's a smiley riding on the back of a turkey to take your mind off that wine. Some of these smilies just kill me....
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I know exactly how you're feeling, Watsonc. My husband's out with the doggies at a local park on this beautiful fall day. Football's on the and he'll throw on a few logs in a bit when he returns. After that, he'll mix a martini -- he's recently taken to drinking wine on weekdays -- and I'll be having my virgin clamato, horseradish and tabasco my current "go to" nonalchoholic drink.

Sometimes I'm ok with this. Sometimes it really just doesn't seem fair, and I get resentlful. The thing is -- if I give in, I KNOW I'll have more than one. I'll then be kicking myself in the morning and more likely to start drinking daily again before finding myself in crisis mode, trying desparately trying to get through even a day or two sober.

I've been back and forth here since 2006 and this is the longest stretch I've had sober -- 69 days -- since I was in my early 20's. A long time.

It might help id you write down all the reasons you drink and then all the reasons you decided NOT to drink. Also consider the weeks you already have under your belt. Do you really want to have to start all over? Start experimenting making some non-alcoholic drinks and put them in a pretty -- or "special" glass. Get out a crossword or a book or something else you'd enjoy doing as you sit in front of the fire.

Wahtever you do, hang in there and be good to yourself. You deserve it!
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Sunday afternoons I potter about and get ready for the working week. I might read or lounge about indulgently in front of a good DVD. I burn incense and relax. Sometimes I might make a good curry or soup. I make it my time.

Early in the evening I go swimming. There's no space for alcohol in my Sunday.
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Sorry your afternoons not great watsonc.
Have you anything else you can do?

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I used to suffer from those blahs, it's been awhile though. Sunday afternoons I look forward to leaving a bit early for the speaker meeting I attend, on the way I usually do some shopping or run errands. It's been a busy but rewarding day for me, I'm looking forward to next week too.
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I hope this does not sound too simplistic, but try getting a gym membership and working out. It has helped me "cut back" alot. But as I state in another thread, cuttng back" is not enough. In any event, working out is a good stress release.
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I'm the same as Astro. I attend a 6pm book study on Sundays and if the afternoon is getting me down I just go early and putter around on the way.
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Sundays are my busy days as well! I got up early this morning, thanks to my LOUD house mate. Luckily for him, he had coffee made=) I got the house clean, laundry done, and groceries purchased, everything squared for work tomorrow. I imagine he may have gone surfing, but will return to start his sunday night drinking soon, and will probably have a couple few people here yukkin it up with him.

I hit a really good meeting at noon, have one available at 530 if I get the urge, and a speaker meeting around the corner at 7.

I am sorry you are feeling bad, I hope you can find a new way to spend sundays soon.
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Thanks to all; I live in a pretty remote spot, but took a walk and did some house chores - read, and yoga. Am a gym member but its 30 miles roundtrip - I do a lot of driving to/from work in the week, so it just didn't make sense to drive today. Though had I been more in crisis I would have done. Of course, the gym's across the road from the booze aisle at the grocery store. So perhaps staying home in the woods was a better choice today. Reading and crochet for the evening - not thrill a minute, granted, but will get me through the evening,
Thx much
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A nice substitute to look forward to.....a Venti hot team mixture from Starbuck's of their calm and refresh teas. Drinking one now.
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sunday evenings are one of the hardest times of the week for me, always have been, just begin to stress over the upcoming week, even now, when I am laid up after surgery and laid off from work....nothing happening tomorrow that didn't happen today, but I still feel...tense, sad, anxious.

Keeping busy postpones it, but I've not really found any way of overcoming it. I just push on through, maybe go to bed early with a good distracting book.
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