Interesting Evening...

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Interesting Evening...

My wife and I met a couple for dinner that we've been good friends with for nearly 30 years, back to high school... yes lots of war stories and adventures with late nites.... At a restaurant pub about an hour away...

He usually starts slurring by the end of dinner... I know he started before we got there... and it's fine... our friendship is deeper than just drinking, and other stuff ... It was all good. I even tolerated being at the bar after dinner for about 40 minutes... there was some really bad karaoke to hold my attention, well... amusement... I was ready to go though when we did leave... Kind of weird standing at the bar without a drink... watching others... I don't get this whole Red Bull and alcohol thing, but whatever.

Anyway... seated right next to me was a woman I used to talk to regularly at my Sunday morning AA meeting!! Hmmm... she was drinking, and.... she did not acknowledge me.

I hope she's OK... didn't expect to see ANYONE I knew there, being an hour away.... maybe she didn't either.... She seemed happy to be sober and getting her three month chip last time I saw her.

So, Just a kind of journal entry for a Saturday night in sobriety.

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This has happened to me..
Amazing how invisible to him i became..

i was a bit different......i saw quite a few aa guys when i was drinking after in and out of aa.
and i loved to bend their ears about stopping and getting back to

Funny how i loved to talk about stopping every time i had a drink in my hand....till the morning.

sad........i hope she is ok
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Isn't it so strange watching other people get drunk? Weird that you saw a person from AA drinking at a bar.
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That could be any of us. I hope she finds her way back to sobriety soon.
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Anyway... seated right next to me was a woman I used to talk to regularly at my Sunday morning AA meeting!! Hmmm... she was drinking, and.... she did not acknowledge me.
Get used to it bro. Not everyone stays. She may have been someone who was just questioning whether or not she was an alcoholic or not. I know many here have heard people in meetings say that a normal drinker wouldn't question that but that is nonsense. It may have just been simple social embarrassment for her, of course she may be an alcoholic and you upset her evening of drinking. In that case, good on you!
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My sponser of 19 years says that drinking is what alcoholics do. They are not the strange ones, we are. How sad. John in Oklahoma
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