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Change what you do when you get home. Go for a walk, clean the house, call a friend.
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I'm not sure where you are Jesse but I'm pretty sure there'd be another meeting somewhere between 2 and 7pm.

Failing that, I always made sure I varied my routine, I made sure I was busy, I sat on SR a lot...if I was you I'd get real life phone numbers to call next meeting too.

Read around and post here - you'll get some great suggestions.
Facing cravings and urges at the beginning is hard - but it's not impossible, Jesse

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"I think I can. I think I can"
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The is so great Jesse. I have only gone to 3 meetings (2 yesterday) but I always leave feeling so hopeful...almost enlightened. I agree this forum has also helped tremendously especially at night when I have cravings. I haven't picked up that very heavy phone yet but one day I will. There is a regular AA number...not sure what it is, your phone book should have it. You can call that that has to be easier then going to a meeting...just a phone call...Call and say "hey, It is hard right now." I would imagine they take it from there. I find my self in the parking lot after every meeting for 45 minutes surronded by other alcoholics who desperately want to help, to guide me, to prevent me from ending up in a place so many of them have. Last night I heard a lot of stories about jail, and rehab, and dwi's, things I can't see for myself, but I know now this is a progressive disease and I will get worse and who knows what destruction I will cause before I die.

I know alot about the disease alcoholism now, way more then last week and two weeks ago I knew nothing. I had the same stigma that I think alot of society does. Now that I know that, the stigma baffles me but that is a post within itself. I feel like I haved learned so much...have grown so much but come 5 o'clock it is still painfully hard. I still think about drinking everyday, allday. I still have times I am not sure this is me. I still wonder if I should challenge myself (just have one drink) and walk away. I know I would fail miserably but I'd get to drink and have a valid excuse in my mind. I am getting better at fighting and i am starting to admit I am an alcoholic and really believing it. I hope you read the big book. there are other books out there too. If you like to read fill the time in between work reading and learning about this disease so many others are fighting with too.

Have a good strong day!

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Jesse, welcome and good luck. If I couldn't attend a meeting, I would certainly get online and read about others experiences in sobriety. Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life. Recovery is a world of laughter and tears. It is a non-stop adventure into what your life can truly be. It is an amazing experience. Today I am most grateful for the return of the ability to feel my emotions instead of numbing them under a layer of drugs/alcohol. Even when I am sad it is a real feeling. I have neve laughed so hard and so long as I have in the company of other recovering people. We have a lot of fun on this very serious journey. Hope to see you back again. John in Oklahoma
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I've been reading the 'Big Book' this morning. I'm not a big reader, but I got threw the Preface, the 4 Forwards, and the first chapter. I like what I see so far.

I there were 3 beers left in the fridge this morning after last nights finishing of the booze. I'm throwing them out on my way to work, otherwise I'll drink them before bed when I get home tonight.

My wife and I talked last night and agreed that we're REALLY going to quit this time. (Again) But, she did whine a party we're suppose to go to in Jan. We were planning on getting a room in town so we wouldn't have to drive. I'm not sure how we'll deal with that, but we've got to quit in the first place before we even think about that.

I won't have a problem tonight, but tomorrow will be my challenge. I get off work at 2 pm and there isn't a meeting until 7pm. Oh how I wish there was a meeting at 2!!!

Wish me luck,
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same planet...different world
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welcome to the Fellowship, Jesse!

My advice is for tomorrow to not drink between 2 & 7 pm.

welcome aboard and welcome to SR!
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