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You see TB that only took a little all out kicking screaming scratching clawing fighting. Just imagine how wonderful the next two weeks will be.

Originally Posted by vegibean View Post
I don't get it??? BUT Congrats on your success thirtybubba!!!!
Vegi, TB has been hanging out in the most inspirational thread on SR.

---->Front line stuff
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:ghug3 Ozy
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Congrats! Keep moving forward.
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Way to go TB, I'm proud of ya. Keep up the great work.
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Be Very Proud!
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My, y'all...

I didn't expect this. I was looking for dj's thread...

Thank you all for your support, I could *never* have made it this far without y'all... Many of y'all hang out in the same threads/ chatrooms with me... those have been my lifeline, I can't tell you how much it means. And my little panic threads...

I truly didn't expect this. And it's got me crying... I guess happy tears. Can't help but be... It's been so long since I felt part of any community, and as I read through the answers, I realized, I have no clue what you all look like or most of y'alls names, but I knew the story of each and every one of y'all... and y'alls personality too... it is like being at home.

Thank you all. I can't tell you all how much it meant to come home tired and find this here...

TB, crying happy... and with 15 days solid, 15 official in 6 more hours.
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Yipee! You rock, TB. Congrats, I knew you could do it.
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