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'ello, all. I'm very glad to be here; my good friend, Payton, referred me and as as a fulfillment of one of my November goals (to do something "nice" for myself daily), I decided to sign up today after only beginning to visit yesterday. Yesterday was Day 1 for me.

I have not had a long bout with addiction compared to some, though comparisons really don't ever help anyone... everyone struggles someway, somehow. I first came into contact with cocaine on a fall break trip in 2007, it is now almost 2010 and though my use hasn't been extremely habitual, it became more-so this past May and has caused quite a kink in my life. I've been told by my psychiatrist to stay away from alcohol to reduce a seizure risk with one of my medications yet I'll still be unsafe and put things up my nose that don't belong in my body? Doesn't make any sense whatsoever!

Thankfully I am only struggling with one substance addiction right now, which is the cocaine. I also have been known to abuse some prescription medicines and I'd like to nip that in the butt, too.

I am also in recovery from SI, a self-destructive behavior that I've been partaking in since junior high ... and I'm now in my 4th year of college. I've went long periods without it so I know that it is not something that I need to do, it is just what is easiest when I become in anyway off balance emotionally. In addition to SI, I have ED-NOS. I've cycled through AN, BN, and ED-NOS since junior high.

I am more than what I struggle with, though, as are each and every one of us! I'm a proud sister to two "little" siblings; I'm a bookworm, a psychology undergraduate student, a best friend, a significant other to an amazing USMC serviceman, a lover of naps, a dog-mom, and an outdoorsy type. I also ride horses and have since I was in early elementary school -- in fact, the first time I made an attempt at recovery from AN (at the time) was when I was told I could not go out and ride horses for the summer with my aunt unless I reached XXlbs.

Anyhoo, suppose this is long enough. I look forward to giving and receiving support on SR and forming positive, lasting relationships-- thank you for reading.
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You are such a wonderful, wonderful person and I am beyond thrilled that you have joined SR with me. I am so glad you are taking this approach and I want to be there for you in any way I can. HUGE HUGS.
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Hello. Welcome to SR!
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Welcome to SR! Glad to see you have joined and you already have a friend supporting you here to boot. Good deal!
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hello and welcome to sr.
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Thank you all very much for the warm welcomes.
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