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6 dollars

Thats all i need. Im walking to my favorite liqour store. Lets see 2 bottles of heaven hill vodka one 375 ml and 200 ml, even though I havent dranked anything in weeks I feel energetic and positive but I still have this anticipition of getting high on alcohol . I used to drink once a week but found it boring maybe because of the build up tolerence. So now I drink once a month and it is great, alcohol should be drinked on occasion or monthly. Folks please Dont get drunk every morning like you always do and follow my advice and get drunk like sane people (once a month).
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If I drink one day, then I have to drink the next day, and the next. That's why I think I need to quit. I can't just "get drunk once a month." I've tried only drinking in x,y,z ways, times, and places, and it never works.
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The clown avatar suits you
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Do sane people get drunk?
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What a sad way to live.. I remember that type of obsession well.
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I've tried the once a month thing before...actually before I found SR. Uber fail.
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Originally Posted by firestorm090 View Post
Do sane people get drunk?
I was wondering the same thing! lol
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Be gone CLOWN!!
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I had a dry heave reading Alcohol...EVER, for me.
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Originally Posted by Deckard97 View Post
Folks please Dont get drunk every morning like you always do and follow my advice and get drunk like sane people (once a month).

I have a difficult time following advice given by a clown, but that's just me.
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And what does being drunk, even once a month accomplish?

If you really choose that, and it works for you, have fun.

That doesn't work for most of us, so we choose something different.

right now, I'm working on making a life I don't feel desperate to escape from, and enjoying the nice things I have right now.
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I'm $6 richer than you
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I can't see the point in keeping this thread open.
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i always find lots of things in a day that make me grateful.this is one of them.
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