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hey guys, i made it though the night. i had terrible terrible shakes last night, had trouble sleeping cause my legs kept kicking and waking me out of sleep, but they finally stopped enough for me to sleep.

ill be glad when thats over, does anyone know if after today thats supposed to stop? its the 3rd day sober for me. im proud, its been 6 years of my life that i have not been able to say that. i had really bad cravings for alch last night too, it helped to not have any near me.

thanks bubba for the advice, i had a snickers bar and it was delicious!
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Detoxing from alcohol is the most dangerous substance to go cold turkey., I hope you have seen a Doctor. Having said that, I detoxed the same way, it took me two solid weeks to even feel human. I was able to sleep a little after about 5 days and the night sweats stopped after a week...GAWD, it was horrible. It will get better soon, and think of never have to feel this way again. I swear the detox from my last "outing" was so bad that it is half the reason I am still sober!!!


Oh yeah...and the candy thing is good too, Orange Juice works also, the sugar will make you feel better.
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Terrible.. it was a terrible experience.
Could not have done it without help from the doc.
Wish you the best and remember : Things WILL look different in a weeks time !

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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