I hurts to sit up, so I'll be gone some.

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I hurts to sit up, so I'll be gone some.

Good Morning SR.

Just an update.

I hurt my back two days ago and I can't sit up for very long, so I'm just checking in to let all my friends know I'll be a couch potatoe for a couple days, till this eases a bit. I was digging in the back yard, placing 12x12 blocks for a path to the shed, it looks great, but I'm paying for it. The thing is, I can't even see it from where I'm laying on the couch, , lol.

I ain't no spring chicken any mo, lol. (wonder what my Eng. 104 instructor would say to that? ouch), lol. Ok, back to my movie, see ya.

One day at a time,
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Get better soon.

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Hope you feel better soon!
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Oh, bummer! (That was funny about not being able to see it from your couch, btw.) Hope you're feeling better soon!!
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12 x 12 blocks...ouch!
take care of you, enjoy your rest...hope you feel better, sooner, Dallas
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Wink n take it easy...
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Backpain is no fun.

I can't get comfortable, it seems the only relief is when I lay on my side, but then I feel like a beached whale, lol.

What cha gonna do, well, just watch another movie and wait it out.

Thanks for the good wishes, be back soon.
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Rest the back firestorm.
Take Mortin, alternate with warm, then cold compresses, every 2-4 hours.
Oh..sorry, I can not give out medical advice..LOL.
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rest.see you soon.
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I hope you feel better, Dallas!
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