5-HTP anyone? bad side effects?

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5-HTP anyone? bad side effects?

hello. i found this site while googling information on side effects of 5-HTP. I started taking this amino acid about a week and a half ago for my insomnia issues as I know a lot of people say the seratonin boosting qualities help with sleep.

Well - my thing is, I think I'm having bad side effects from it...twice this week now (including tonight) I have had extremely unplessant weird strange thoughts and felt shaky (which I normally never feel like this) and am scared of my own thoughts. I consider myself pretty 'normal' (I truly mean no offense to anyone saying that) but what I mean is I don't have thoughts like this and have never been depressed or anything like that...

I found one post on these boards from 2004 where someone stated having thoughts like I seem to be having due to taking 5-HTP. Now I know that this amino acid has been wonderful for many people - but obviously not everyone reacts to things in the same manner.

I'm just really curious if there's anyone else out there who started 5-HTP and immediately had this type of reaction.

thank you.
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I have no experience with 5-HTP, Crayons - but welcome to SR
Have you got a Drs opinion?

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I'm sorry you are having difficulties
I have never heard of what you are taking.

You might want to check with your doctor on this
and also find why sleeping is a problem.

Welcome to SR....
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ive taken it and have not had any.
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I take 5HTP, SAM-e, a B Multi and a regular multivitamin. I haven't had any real side effects of which I am aware other that less anxiety. I will take that one. Welcome.
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