Congrats to our new Administrator, 51Anna!

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Thumbs up Congrats to our new Administrator, 51Anna!

Just noticed you were 'leaning' and wanted to congratulate you. You wear it well!
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Well awesome anna!!!
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Most Excellent!
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Congrats Anna!
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Congrats Anna
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Congrats, Anna and thanks for all you do around the place.
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Congratulations Anna - you'll do great
Congratulations too to our other new Admin, greeteachday.

I can't think of two better people to give MG a hand

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Congratulations Anna and Thank you.
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Congrats Anna. Love your posts. Be nice. I really love your posts. Smile!
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Thanks guys!

SR gives me so much, on a daily basis, if there is anything I can do to help out, then I will definitely be there.

MG is such an amazing example to me. She has deep loyalty to SR, is intensely honest and always, always fair and open-minded. I am so glad that she has decided to share a little bit of the work with Greeteachday and me.
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Congrats Anna and Greeteachday, thanks for all you do.

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everything is already ok
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Also thanks to (((((Morning Glory))))) who is always ready to help at any level.
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Congratulations to Anna and Greeteachday...most fitting!...
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whoop whoop!
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The love you all put into this place is so obvious. We are well taken care of, and I am so thankful.
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