Standing to be counted!

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seeking acceptance
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Standing to be counted!

Hi everyone - introducing myself here. I have ~107 days sober, yay for me. I'm so thankful for all of the posts you make here, they inspire me and keep me grounded and in the moment. A summary of me: HFA for 25 years (yikes), recently felt the need to do something about it and get rid of the guilt. I have a 4yo son and a DH who has no idea how much I drank (so I think). I'm hopeful and thankful!!

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Congrats on the 107 days!

And welcome
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Congrats on your sober time ...

You can do this...
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Thats awesome... stick around lots of support here
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Congratulations and welcome to SR!
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That's great!
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Congratulations on your sober time....and welcome to SR!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to our recovery community....

Well done on your sober time
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Congratulations on your 107 days FNW

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Disposable Hero
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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107 days - that's great. Keep strong!
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