5 - Friday is 6

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5 - Friday is 6

Something must be wrong. I woke up feeling almost happy instead of pissed off that I am not drinking.
No horrible feeling in my chest and head. No self loathing. Saved a ton of money. Got lot's of work done in five days that has been sitting for over a year.
Today is Friday and I usually love looking forward to the after work get together. Going to pass today, go home and keep on with this.
I am still thinking I am going to drink again though... hopefully that will pass, eventually.
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Forgot to say... how much this forum has helped me do this...
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6 days is great Sandpoint - go on, try for 7!

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Journey of Recovery
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Woo Hoo!!! WTG! It does get better.
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You are doing awesome. Why mess up a good thing? Why not make this a sober weekend or just stay sober today and then try it tomorrow. Post here if you need help. Promise yourself you will post first before picking up. You can stay sober. SR can help you too.
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Congrats on day 6! Feels good to feel good, doesn't it? I find it almost weird. I forgot what it felt like to not feel hungover or a day away from one. I'm trying not to think about whether I'll drink again. I got great advice here to just deal with today, so that's how I'm doin it. So glad you're doing well!
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"I think I can. I think I can"
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Good for you! I am on day 3. I am still constantly thinking about drinking again. I can't stop picturing myself in situations where I know there will be drinking. I don't know how I will handle it. We have a party on Sun. there will be alcohol and people will expect me to drink. I am thinking of staying home with my youngest and saying he is sick...he kinda is but will be better by Sun...I hope. I wish I could say I felt well and happy like you do. Maybe when I get to Day 6 I'll experience some of your feelings. thanks for posting and giving me something better to look for then misery and irritablility! Great Job!

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Hey congrats on your time... I know its tempting to drink again... Maybe just try out the sobriety thing... Many of us have found it good enough to stick around
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Good for you!

I hope you continue to read and post here!
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Haha, I can relate... I'm a day ahead... congratulations on getting through the bad days, and into the good ones...

Some days I get that feeling I'll be drinking again, others I think I can do this forever. After a whole lot of stumbling, I'll say there really is something to that "one day at a time" thing. Tomorrow, I might not feel the same way. Actually I probably won't.

Take care,
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The good days help people get through the bad ones
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You don't have to drink if you choose not to!

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What to do with my free time that always gets me into trouble? Feeling the urge to go for a walk!
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Abstinence is not drinking and feeling bad about it.

Recovery is not drinking and feeling good about it.

Quoted by many wiser SR members than I...
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