7 Months

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7 Months

I am 7 months and 1 day clean today....
it's not getting easier but I have learnt to live with my addiction and i am starting to reap the benefits of being clean and sober....

Just for today: I have a Higher Power who cares for me, no matter what. Knowing that, I will strive to have an attitude of courage today.
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Congratulations on your 7 months Thami

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well done to you

the feel good factor body wis is really just starting for me ,and i dont want to give it up by drinking ever again
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:ghug2..stick with it..Ozy

one last breath,to say..well done..
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..thank happy..sounds good..hey?
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Journey of Recovery
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Congrats on your sobriety! WTG!!!!!
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good for you T

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Right on, congrats. I pray that we all prosper. Courage is a great virtue. Best regards. Dan
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Seven months is awesome!!

Congrats to you.
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Congratulations Thami! 7 months of not todays is great!!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Miracles Happen
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Congratulations on your 7 months sober Thami. Well done
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Blu**ed Lines...A ClockWork SR
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Congrats! 4 months behind u!
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Congrats to you!!
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Keep it up!!

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bona fido dog-lover
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Seven months is wonderful!:ghug3
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