Weakness in legs and Arms

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Weakness in legs and Arms

I am an alcoholic. I have a slew of medical problems because of it and I am only 27. Hypertension, GERD...

So I noticed a very weakness in my legs. I am a little overweight. When I walk up and down the stairs my legs feel like they are about to give out.

I also bruise so easy. It is weird because I wake up with bruises all over me and have no idea how I got them. Help!!!
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Hey suddenlysober,

None of us can give you medical advice here.
Please see a doctor about this

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Hello suddentlysober
I am not qualified to give you medical advice, but from what you describe I suggest that you see a doctor asap. The easy bruising can point to very severe liver damage. As in Cirrhosis or liver failure. Take care and go see a doctor.
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I would absolutely see a doctor asap..
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Welcome back to SR.....
Yes....only a doctor can assess what needs to be done.
Please do go and be completely honest about your
drinking so the proper blood panel test will be run.

It's amazing how a simple blood test
can help with your future health.....
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