Thank You SR

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Thank You SR

I am now on day 9. Woo Hoo! This is the first time I have posted a thread myself, although I have responded to others. While not a frequent poster, trust me, I am a very frequent reader of others experiences. I really appreciate people sharing and want them to know that their experiences are helping keep me sober so far. It keeps the memories fresh of those awful hangovers and side effects of drinking too much. Again, THANK YOU to all. I am hoping to keep my run (albeit short so far) going.
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Congrats on day 9!! that is awesome!!

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Nine days sober is a great start to a better life!
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Congratulations on day 9!
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Good for you!
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Well done!
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Congrats on 9 days Asta!
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congratulations on yer first week in a new world!
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way to go Asta!

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Excellent work Asta!
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9 days is great and so is SR and before you know it those days will have added up to a year.
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Yay asta! Each day gets better and better!
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Yes congratulations on nine days asta

You should be over the withdrawals now and starting to feel a whole lot better, stick with it
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Thanks for sharing ....good to know your chooseing
a healthy positive future.......
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