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hi everyone. i am really glad i found this site. to start with i am in my early 20's and have a problem with binge drinking. the more posts i read on this site the more i realise my problem will keep getting worse and destroy my life and relationship. i am after any advice on how to overcome this problem with maybe reading some books or other methods people have used to cut it out of their lifestyle. i have been to an aa meeting a few months ago and the advice i got from there was good but i felt uncomfortable and would prefer to tackle this in my own house. any advice would be great. thankyou
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Welcome to SR, Jaw

There'll be more people along with advice, in the meantime you might check out other forums in this site. There are a lot of people here with a lot of ways of getting it done.

Take care,
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Welcome Jaw

Always good to have another Aussie here

My advice for starters is keep reading and posting - I hope you find something
that helps you.

Try and keep open to anything - it's not easy to do this - I wouldn't discount anything right off the bat.

Whatever you decide, you're tackling this about 20 years before I did so you're on a winner
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Welcome to SR Jaw

You will get great advice here. I sure wish the internet had been around in my twenties. Its a great place to hang out on here
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to SR jaw
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Hi jaw,

I found that I didn't care for AA much either - at first. Alcohol and cocaine soon convinced me otherwise. After my initial reservations, I resolved to keep going for a month. I went, didn't talk to anyone, and listened hard.

After awhile I saw that I didn't need to run with everyone there - I gravitated towards those most like myself, and soon I had found a community of friends with whom I could relate and stay sober. I say soon - it was more like a year or so later - but that was awholeyear in which I didn't drink.

I'm sober 13 years now and loving life. I hope you give AA another shot, or find a way that works for you. There are lots of other paths and people here will help. AA just happens to be mine.
Hope things get better.
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the AA Question

Mike, I saw your post about AA. If I walk in to an AA club and don't want to say anything, just listen, how does it work? Won't people be asking whats up and how do you know where to go? The club near me is a big mansion with a lot of rooms but I don't know where to go in there. I went in once last year but just walked out in 2 minutes. Any ideas?
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Hey sandpoint,

Good question. I'll probably get slammed for saying this but I used to go a couple of minutes late. In Boston we have set meeting times and I'd hover around outside until the coast was clear and then slip in and sit in the back. Then I'd leave a few minutes early to avoid conversation with anyone.

Please know that this is not a highly recommended way to get sober - but it worked for me. Eventually I got comfortable and fit in - but it took some time. It is against everything you'll hear, but it is what I needed at the time.

I took books, magazines for the break times vecause I don't smoke. The only time I messed up was when I wore a Yankees t-shirt and that brought a lot of attention my way. Yankees t-shirts don't go over big in Boston.

Hang tough and I hope things work out. Keep posting here. It's a great palce.

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In my experience of AA this far, some people will introduce themselves and ask if your new but no one will force themselves on you. Most people know how intimidating AA can be at first and just want you to feel welcome so that you will come back. As far as the location I guess u can ask someone around the building or try to get the phone number from where you got the address. Best of luck and keep us posted. Welcome!
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