Drunk newbie....

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Drunk newbie....

I'm what would be considered a HFA...
I have been a pretty steady drinker since highschool, pretty heavy the last 10 years.
I have never had any major setback that awakened anyone to my problem.
I'm 37, I have a high paying job with only 4 sick days in 8 years, I have 2 small children that know I love them dearly and love me back unconditionally, a beautiful wife that also knows I adore her and doesn't judge me , no legal matters afected by drinking and no apparent health problems...
I'm sick, I cannot remember the last time I did not consume at minimum of a fifth of vodka a day, very often more... it has become routine.
I took my son to recycle the household goods tonight(drunk..shame) and realized the bulk of it was my empty vodka bottles(not even including what I hide), He commented about daddy's "stupid juice"...I felt disgusted.
My father is a recovered alcoholic who has acknowledged my drinking problem by saying "I'm here when your ready"
I'm ready.
I'm embarrased that this has taken over me.
I'm terrified of life without the comfort of this false security.
I'm sick of the nausea and mid day-shakes.
I'm sick of the secret I hide from the ones I love.
I will be opening my wife's eyes to the problem tonight, she has no idea how bad my little problem has grown.
I'm ready today.
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That last line "I'm ready today." is really good to hear.

Welcome !
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same planet...different world
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welcome to SR!

being ready is just the start....congratulations!

You mayb want to go down to the stickies in the Alcoholic forum and read them.
I hope you'll decide to get 3-d support as well as the friendship and recovery found here at SR.

Again - welcome!
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Welcome to SR! You've joined a great family here. We support each other and ourselves in our sober journeys. It really helps to know we're not alone in our struggles. I hope we can help you stay sober, it's what we like to do!

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Hangovers Suck!
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I understand where you are coming from. My kids used to call it "yucky stuff". It's great that your dad understands and is ready to help when you are ready.

Lots of helpful SR members will be by shortly to offer support.

I'm glad you are here!
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We Do Recover
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Welcome! Glad you are here. You are not alone.
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Welcome to SR CMS

It can be terrifying...and hard - but you're not alone
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Welcome!!! You made a great decision for yourself. It was one I made for myself 10 days ago. You are definitely not alone and will find a lot of support here!

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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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Thank you for your courage and honesty CMS. You might see your doctor for some help with the physical part of withdrawal from the effects of consuming so much alcohol for so long a period of time. My prayers will be directed toward you tonight as well as tomorrow when our sweat lodge gathers to pray. Hang in there as if your life depends upon it, because it truly does. Thanks again, John from Oklahoma
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Welcome, glad you are here. You are probably a HFA but you won't be forever. It will catch up with you. You can fool alot of people but you can't fool your body. With the amount of vodka you've been drinking, and the fact that you are experiencing shakes during the day you are going to need medical help. Don't try to quit cold turkey without seeing a Dr.
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I think when the smoke clears you may be surprised who knew more about your problem than you think. But none of that matters now.

Great decision to get sober.

Last December I was making the same decision. You can do it.

Keep coming back to SR, there are some really smart caring people here.
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Welcome CMS...glad you found your way here. It's great that you're doing this when your kids are young. Mine are young, too..but old enough that they call it 'beer'. Hopefully they won't remember the many returnables in the garage that piled up while they were sleeping every night. I know this is scary, but it can be really exciting too. I'm excited for you! Hope to see you around!
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Welcome Consuming My Soul - I see myself in your story. That was me. Glad you have joined SR.

Since you identify yourself as a HFA, I recommend you to pick up a book that really helped me, it is called: Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights by Sarah Allen Benton.

Yes, it is madness, but one that you can change if you want to.

Being a HFA just means that your alcoholism has not progressed to the later deadly stages, but that doesn't change the fact that you are an alcoholic (and from what you have said, you are an alcoholic my friend). The first step is the same for all alcoholics - stop drinking. If we don't stop drinking, HFAs become just like other alcoholics - in lots of trouble or dead.

I've got a bunch of other books I like, so send me a private message if you want the whole list.

Welcome -- keep reading -- keep posting. This group will help in whatever way we can.
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Welcome to SR, it's a great place.
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Good decision. Likely the best you will ever make. It is great that your father has walked the path and is there for you. With that high a daily consumption please seek medical attention for safe detox...
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Welcome to SR.
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