Hi I am new.

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Hi I am new.

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. This is my first posting. I'm a little nervous about discussing my problem. This will be the first time, I have discussed it with anyone. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.
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I was nervous too the first time I came here...but everyone's here to listen and not judge. You are welcome here and we're glad you came!! *hugs*
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What exactly is your problem? Is it drinking? Drugs? Tell us a little about yourself so that we can help you better.

Welcome to SR!:ghug3
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Hi and welcome! Discuss away - someone always listens and you won't believe how good it feels to get it all out.
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Hi and welcome....

No need to be nervous here, we have all been where you are now! If you have any concerns or questions, toss them out there. I am sure there will be someone who can relate and offer support or guidance.

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Welcome, I think everyone is a little nervous at first, but if you got a problem in your life you gotta talk about to get through. I wish u all the best with your recovery
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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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Welcome Kramscout - The great thing about SR is that you can share with a supportive group while still maintaining some of that separation and anonymity that many feel they need during the early stages of their recovery. By now, as you can probably see by reading past postings, just about every kind of problem has been shared - we've all been there - so you won't surprise us nor should you feel embarrassed.
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Welcome to the board - you've found a great site.
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Welcome to SR Kramscout. I was a nervous wreck when I sobered up, and had a hard time speaking or being honest about anything. But as my time in recovery passed I found out that I wasn't so different from anyone else, opening up and being truthful about my past became a freeing experience.
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Glad you're here, Kramscout! I was really nervous, too. (Just last night I joined in a chat room meeting and when I shared, my heart was racing.) It takes a few times to feel more comfortable with it. After starting my first thread, I read my responses like 10 times...couldn't believe they were all talking to ME! It felt really good and it does get easier to open up. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
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Come on in, take your shoes off and consider yourself at home.
You are among friends.
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Welcome Kramscout

This is a great place - the best thing for me is that everyone understands
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I was very nervous and full of anxiety when I hit my bottom.
I was nervous when I stood before the judge after being arrested 4 a DUI.
I was nervous when I had 2 do my 24 hours in the county jail.
I was nervous when I had to do OP treatment.
I'm not anymore. I can tell everything/anyone all about my 'alcohol' problems. I do not have the shame anymore and refuse 2 hold on 2 it.
U R not alone. I know U will feel so much better, talking/typing it out.
Just share with what U R comfortable with, take it slow, take little baby steps.
I'll listen with an nonjudgemental mind and heart.
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I can understand your being nervous, I was too in the beginning. You will find support and encouragement here whatever your problem may be. Take your time and browse around then post when you want to.
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When you do decide to talk about it, you'll find that it's a totally different experience talking with people who understand and have been there.
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:double post due to server error:
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Please share..I am new and reading the truth in others experiences is really good for me coming to terms with and identifying my own situation. I relate to many here on SR and I'm sure you will too.
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