3 Mornings After (update)

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Smile 3 Mornings After (update)

Well, I'm almost completely sane again after my actions this weekend. It's scary to me how long it takes your body to COMPLETELY recover physically from a 3 day binge. That's some serious sh)t I was pouring down my throat.

I went to a meeting the night after posting my first thread here. I met alot of good people and listened to them talk about how much they were enjoying life while I sat there with a hangover from hell. I've finally come to the conclusion that no length of time sober will prove that I can drink like a normal person. It's just not possible. That's the angle I've argued with for several years now. "If I can go a month without drinking I can't have a problem...people with problems can't do without it". That's the strange thing. I can do without it. But that doesn't mean I don't have a problem WITH it.

Every time I think about spending the rest of my life without even a scarce drunken party here and there...I feel a slight twinge of sadness. That speaks a novel in my mind lol. But I stand here ready to do something about it. I just want to say thanks again to everyone here who took the time to read or comment on my ramblings the other day. You'll be seeing me around.
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I had the same kinds of feelings. There is a loss when we stop drinking, almost like the loss of a close friend. Have you read "Drinking: A Love Story" by Caroline Knapp. This high-functioning alcoholic expresses perfectly, her relationship with alcohol and how she mourns its loss.
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I am glad you are here!! I remember asking people how they could possibly have fun sober, it was something I couldn't even fathom. Now I realize I wasn't really having fun at all, it does get easier I promise. Also, the grieving process for losing alcohol doesn't last long, it has been a part of our lives for so long, it is foreign to think of life without it!!

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I was thinking the same thing the other day...almost like losing alcohol was like losing my best friend. That bottle was there with me when all my other friends had forsaken me. Now I realize that alcohol was no friend - just a crutch. A friend wouldn't poison you, right?! Anyway, best of luck.
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It does get better and eventually you do get used to the fact. It no longer bothers me. I get through every day just fine. Even the days I want to rip the hair out of my head, I am still ok. If you can just remember that the feelings will pass, you'll get there.

Glad you're feeling better.
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Yes, the "never again" is a strange prospect for me, too. Like everyone takes time, I guess. Thanks for the glad you're doing better!
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