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You won't be the first man to complain of that particular issue in early recovery....

it's both a body and mind thing....
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Welcome to SR Mike

It's my experience that once I committed myself to sobriety, everything else fell back into place.

Regarding sex, I drank to the point where sex was a distant memory so I have no experience to offer.

It seems to be an very important issue to you tho - have you thought about seeing a doctor or a counsellor about your concerns?

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Yes I have seen a urologist and a GP. Basically they said stop drinking as it has a significant impact on libido/erections etc.

Thisis my second day, went to the gym last night and am absolutely exhausted right now. No energy at all... Trying to get through the next three hours of work...Please help!
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Just wanted to welcome you I don't use AA in my recovery.. there's lots of ways out there. I hope you find what works best for you! I did go to the gym, every night for an hour or 2 early in my recovery.. definitely took up time, wore me out and distracted me from wanting to drink. I also participated in 1:1 counseling, and read lots of books my therapist recommended.. attended some meetings, basically did everything I could think of! Hang in there, this is a great place for support!
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What I am really concerned about is how this recovery will affect ALL of my friendships I don't know if I can start all over....
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Welcome! I had to lose the toxic people from my life, definitely necessary for my recovery and overall well being.

Glad you're here!
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