Cravings - where are they?

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Cravings - where are they?

Hi -- I am 5 days completely sober now and have not had a craving yet. I had my big realization that I can't drink anymore, and just like that... no cravings. I've gone to two AA meetings, come on here a lot, have been taking care of myself and feel quite calm and content. I have even been to restaurants, bars and around people drinking and it doesn't matter.

I'm wondering if this is normal or unusual. Have any of you experienced an instant "off switch" on alcohol once you made the decision? I'm wondering if the power of the mind is so strong that it can take away cravings once you *know* in your heart what is right for you. At least I'm hoping this.

I know this question has come up before, but wanted to throw it out there for those of you that have been through this.
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There's so many compnents involved - like how long you drank, how much, spiritual experience, etc.

But GOOD for you and best wishes! Welcome to the Fellowship!
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Na, TJ, cravings aren't necessarily part of it... you know I don't know about any "off switch" -- lucky if you had one though, gotta admit.

I gotta use pronouns.

You'd be lucky if you had an off switch, I gotta admit.

But cravings are actually a recent phenomenon for me, I went through a couple of horrible detoxes without so much as a thought of/ urge to get to drinking. And a couple where it was all I could think about--sometimes mental, once it seemed more physical (shakes etc, after several days of nothing)--all seemed curable with candies, although sometimes a ridiculous amount of candies. This time 'round, not so much... yet. I dismiss nothing anymore.

So... I'd suggest not relapsing?

Sorry, but I'm in one of my irrepressible happy moods, so I'll stop posting, but I just wanted to stop in and say hi / offer congratulations to another Augusttie.

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good for you there are no cravings!! Don't get to confey tough...addiction can be a sneaky @#[email protected]#$..

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I have no cravings, you will still get triggers which is why it is suggested that we stay away from people, places and things associated with the old behaviour...

It's like the relapse crap, we had a guy go out after 2 years...he thought it would be a good idea to hang round with old friends, in old places, with old girls he knew...blah blah blah...he did last 4 weeks of living like this before picking up...back to day 1 do not pass go;-)

It's all pretty obvious stuff really:-)

Glad to hear you are doing so well!
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Great news on your 5 days Laura
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..reward your-self..well done..
and feel proud..Oz.
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I don't have cravings much anymore but I don't need cravings to pick up a drink again. A solid first step, "big realization that I can't drink anymore" as you put it can go a long way.

For me to stay sober realization alone isn't enough. It's only the first step, I have/want to keep moving forward.

Congrats on five days of sobriety.
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sooner or later the cravings will come.....

just be ready for them... cunning, baffling and powerful......

get the defence ready, meetings, sponsor,steps, service, suggestions.

peace and fellowship to you.

god bless.
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My cravings come and go, popping up when least expected. As was said, plan your defense against them so that when/if you do get them, you're prepared. Congrats on five days sober!
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For me, cravings are sneaky. One moment I'm having a great day, the next I want to get sloshed. I have to take a minute, do something different, call someone, get out of the house, anything but taking the first drink.
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Congrats on 5 days! I'm just recently committing to "never again"...before when I craved it, I really didn't care if I drank again or not. Now I care, so we'll see.

I did have that "off switch" effect when I was pregnant twice. Drinking wasn't that big of an issue then, but I was a smoker, and just stopped without a thought. I knew I couldn't, so I just didn't and didn't crave it or think about it. The mind is an amazing thing. (I started again later, btw.)

I agree with those that said they might/will creep up on you. Watch your back and keep up the good work!
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I've relapsed and become sober again many times.... so perhaps I'm an expert on when the cravings start -- for myself at least

I find that the cravings do no show themselves within the first week or two. I think this is because the voice of alcohol is smart enough to know that I am unlikely to fall for it when my most recent relapse if fresh in my mind.

The voice of alcohol waits until I forget... until the pain of the last bout with drinking has ebbed. When everything is going a-ok. That's when alcohol stands up and says "hey, remember me?"

So use that no cravings time to prepare your defense against that sneaky *******!

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Listen to what Goat said. Soooo damn true! At first you are so happy and proud to have managed to stop and there is no way that poison can harm you again. Then you calm down from the 'sobriety high' (excuse the expression) and that is the moment alcohol waits for. Mmmmmh that wasn't so hard, maybe I'm not an alcoholic, I can't possibly be if it was that easy. Be careful and well done, just be prepared.
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I'm celebrating 30 days today (whoo hoo!) and have to say I haven't had any physical cravings, yet. For me it was like an off switch, too. But I have had moments, or days, where I think, "Hey, this was so easy ... Maybe I'm not really an alcoholic ... Maybe I can start drinking again."

Those are the dangerous thoughts I need to avoid.

I quit smoking 12 years ago, and the cravings for cigarettes were completely different. They are a physical craving, like I can feel the desire to smoke throughout my body and down to my fingernails. They pass after a few minutes, though. Got those cravings a lot when I first quit, and still every once and a while one will hit me out of the blue. Weird.
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Hi Traderjane,

I'm glad you're doing well.

For me, there were moments when the thought of drinking would run through my mind, out of the blue, but that doesn't happen to everyone.
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I haven't had a craving since I quit, about 14 months ago..

I'm not going to borrow trouble by asking why but I think it might have something to do with just finally being 'done', and ready to permanently commit to living sober.

Congrats on the sober time!
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Don't get to comfortable with that feeling. I was able to a few months without so much a second thought towards drinking. And then right after the 90 day mark that was all I could think about. Just consider it as sleeping and conserving it's strength and ready to lash out at you at any moment.
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BE PREPARED!!! that is the crucial part, you are still in your honeymoon period at the moment. They will come and go. The trick is knowing that and being prepared not to give them any "thinking time".
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i am a chronic alcoholic.thats means to me that my illness is twofold.physical and mental.if i stop drinking then the physical part is sorted,the cravings go.but then there comes the day when the insanity of the first drink will rear its head,this comes from nowhere and the idea hits me that again i can maybe drink like other what do i do as a defense against the insanity of the first drink? i went to AA,got a sponsor,learned what alcoholism really is and got to work on the a result of the steps i have had a spiritual awakening and if i keep myself spiritually fit on a daily basis then this is the best defense i can have against the first last drink was on the 6th of february.i only drank for 12 hours after not drinking for a month and going to AA meetings every day and calling 3,4,5 folk a day from the fellowship.this is what was suggested to me and then came the day when it just happened,i had no power over booze,i was like an automaton going to the shop for i knew something had to change.i needed a complete phsycic change and spiritual maintenence.the path that led to to this was the 12 steps.since that day i last drank i have not once had a craving.booze rarely enters my head and when it does that thought is quickly me if i can be of any help to you at all.i wish you well.
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