Cravings - where are they?

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I never had cravings, when I quit I was DONE. That being said, that sneaky ole devil on my shoulder would pop in now and then and say "no one is home right now, you could have a pull and no one would know". For me, laughing at my alcoholic voice seemed to banish it=)
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I'm on Day 7 of sobriety, I was a drinker all of my life, but the last 5 years have been the problem ones. I guess I spent the last 5 years drowning away the sorrows of the previous 5, if that makes any sense.

I didn't have too many issues with cravings until last night. Sunday night was a typically night for me to go all it, drop my Son with his Mom at 5.00 drive home and booze it up until bedtime (which would be passed out or out of beer, usually the former). I fought with myself on the ride home, 'I'll just stop and have some dinner and have a couple, quit again tomorrow', 'I'll just stop and get a six pack, no harm there, quit again tomorrow'.

Thankfully I didn't give in and I woke this morning, pleased with myself that I didn't, I think like most folks the cravings are more in the form of triggers to drink, recognizing the triggers is the first part, dealing with them successfully being the second.
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Originally Posted by coming_clean View Post
good for you there are no cravings!! Don't get to comfy though...addiction can be a sneaky @#$@#$..

I gottago with this one /\

Be careful Laura glad you are feeling so good.

Keep up your great work & be on your guard before you start to think anything like "Im ok.... I can stop when I want.. what was I worried about... I am not an alcoholic... blah blah blah blah blah blah" next thing you know you back to square one.

Be safe.
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Great advice everyone!!! All the warnings have been heard and will be well remembered.

I was able to have an "off switch" on alcohol all throughout my 30's during my 3 pregnancies (actually 4 -- I had one miscarriage), all the time I was trying/planning to get pregnant and most of the time I was nursing (that was a little tougher). It was all for a "greater good" so it was easy!

I am hoping to look at it in kind of the same way now -- it's all for a greater good that I don't drink anymore. So far so good, thanks everyone for the truly helpful responses re: cravings!!!
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