Vegibean has Two Years!!!

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Vegibean has Two Years!!!

Congratulations Vegi! :bounce
Two years is a *massive* achievement...

the way you handled all the rough stuff and stayed committed was an inspiration to me, and I'm sure to many others here as well.

Keep on doing it C!

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WOW!!!! That is fantastic. Congrats Vegi - you are an inspiration!
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Yes!! An inspiration for sure. I always enjoy your posts, veg, and appreciate all you've been through. Thanks for all that you bring to SR.
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Nice one!!!

You have been of great support/inspiration to me since I have been posting on SR. Congratulation on your 2 years sober, a truly great accomplishment.

Peace, love and happiness xxxxx
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Congratulations Vegi!

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Nice one:-)
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Congrats on two years sober!! I always get something from your posts and am glad to be your friend.
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Oh my!! Right on Veg!! You've handled yourself like a champ. You're an inspiration.

Happy Birthday!
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Wooooohoooooooooo Vegi! :day6 So happy for you
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Congrats! Way to go, my girl! You are a champion!

Much love,

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YAAAAAAAY! Congratulations Vegi! You're such an inspiration.. and a great friend
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CONGRATULATIONS!! Two years.... awesome!
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congrats! you Rock!!!
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Congrats Vegi.

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grats on 2 years
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Congratulations to you!! :day1
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