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Red face Off topic (and a little foolish)

In my quest for self improvement (including approaching 10 months since my last drink) I would like to stop biting my nails. It is an anxious habit. Half of the time I don't even realize I am doing it. It has gotten to the point, though, where I'm embarrassed to show my hands, they look so ugly. Any tips from former chewers?? (I do of course realize that this is of minute importance in the grand scheme of life, but it does bother me.)
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Enough, I have recently made some additional life changes. I have been, for the last three weeks now, on a steady path to physical training which also has included cutting out all the "crap" I was eating.....hee hee.

I have basically applied all that I know and have learned in what I did every day to stay sober. I'm also almost 40 and back in my 20's it was easy to lose a couple of lbs. and be ok, today, believe me, I have to really work at it. No picnic, but even in just a week, I totally noticed the difference.

I know it's not nail biting but what I'm trying to say is if you want to quit biting your nails, maybe try the same principals? Good luck!!!
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Maybe you could get a little ball to hold and squeeze when you are nervous, that way, you would actually have to set it down to bite your nails and it would give you time to realize what you are about to do!!!
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I tend to tear my nails off... but I have heard good things about that nail polish that tastes nasty... but your concern is not foolish, really. We might have secondary issues to addiction that--to us--are probably more important than the 'underlying' issue... Bad addict.... go stand in a corner...

And of course, by definition, my nails are hard to chew off... good luck to you and I'm sorry this is the best I can suggest.


ps I have a Syphilis--yeah, from a street festival a few years ago--that's real squishy and I can throw up against the wall to relieve stress... anything can work, if you have an imagination...
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I know they sell some nasty, peppery stuff you can put on your nails. I would alert you to, Hey, nail biting happening. Maybe you could use some pickle brine or something.
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