I need your HELP desperately

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Ashlee, I grew up not too far from you , and I know what it's like to think of brimstone when you think of God. Personally--and I don't hold this pro/con anyone--I had my aha moment and nowadays I believe. Not through being told, 'cause I was, and I was not a very compliant learner, until 'it' happened... And 'it' happened when I was still drinking hard, which made for a young lady now absolutely terrified of lightning...

Do what's right & the rest will follow... I wouldn't have believed my own words ten years ago, but it does get better. And I believe you're on the right path towards sobriety (not that I know anything, of course). God will come to you in His own way of getting through to you... in a way that will matter to you. I don't/ can't know what that is. In my case it came down to a street on a hill... pretty insignificant but oh so vital at that moment in time.

Take care,
-TB, impressed by your 30 days
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Hi Ash...I am new to the site, and you are actually my first post, so I have nothing really to offer, except that I understand what you are saying. I have been irritated about my lack of "epiphany" for many many years. That earth moving moment when I KNOW for sure who God is, and feel comforted and held by Him.

I pick up the Bible, and am immediately confused and have no idea what I am reading. It's like another language.

I pray and feel nothing.

I listen and hear nothing.

What the heck is a "personal relationship" anyway? I barely have good ones with people I can see.

Anyway, just letting you know you are not alone in this struggle. I feel ya.

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I have the same problem as Ashleek but I got there by a different path.

I was raised Catholic with the idea of a loving god. The nuns at school said that everyone is going to heaven---hell was meant for devils not people and Jesus saved EVERYONE (including "bad" people and those who do not believe in him).

But even with such a loving and inclusive god, I still have problems believing that a good god could have made this world.

Maybe it is not the people who raised us who turned us on or off to religion. Maybe it is something inside us.
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Originally Posted by ashleek View Post
God help me stay sober today. And then at night I pray....God thank you for keeping me sober today.
Ashlee, I have said that (not so)little prayer every day for over 15 years!!! It has an amazing power to help me through the day, and it is a great comfort to fall asleep at night to.

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You all are just wonderful! It is coming slowly but surely. I said my prayer this morning and felt....I dunno....something. So, I'm feeling good today! 30 days....a milestone I have worked for, now I look forward to my next chip.
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Originally Posted by Jomey View Post
Another vote for you to read "The Shack"...changed my life....sorry I didn't mention it in my first post!
I suppose it could be life changing. Personally (I read it two weeks ago) it really pissed me off. Perhaps I couldn't get beyond the comparison in my mind between the tragedy and my own child...perhaps I just wasn't ready to hear the lesson. But after I finished it I threw it accross the room.
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