How extreme is extreme?

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How extreme is extreme?

New to the Forum so here goes! I class myself as an alcoholic because I find it difficult to abstain and most evenings are wasted as I go to bed early. I am 67 and live on my own and what started as a few drinks during the evening ten years ago became a habit that now starts mid-afternoon.
Whilst the thought of Whisky at 0900 does not appeal (thank God!) I do become aggitated if 7pm passes without a drink and this leads me to ask you kind people whether my consumption of two litres of Whisky a week is excessive?
I suppose, in a way, if the answer is 'not seriously' then it would appear I am seeking approval which is true to a certain extent but I feel I am missing out on so much that Life has to offer.
I feel lethargic every morning and lack energy so I tend to go for walks with my dog but at 3:30pm I can't wait to have my first taster.
Can anyone please suggest what I should do to get back to normality?
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If alcohol is becoming a problem for you, why don't you try to limit your drinks? Say, two drinks a night. See how that goes. The only thing I know for sure is that if I think alcohol is a problem for me, then I have a problem. It's your decision if alcohol is enough of a problem for you to give it up or limit your consumption.

Welcome to SR!
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Well Salcam, gotta tell ya, it doesn't sound good to me but you really need to make that decision yourself. If you're getting edgy about the time in which you are "planning" your drink, usually not a great sign. You say you now start at noon. Heh, I was there too. Wasn't too long before I was around the clock and as I sat getting ready to go to work, showering and putting make up on, there I was with a beer cracked to help me get started on my day. Perfect was I also had a job where I could drink a couple during the day.

I won't share the rest because I don't want to give you the opportunity to read what I've been through and tell yourself "well I'm not that bad" because I wasn't "that bad" either at one point.

Glad you found this WONDERFUL site!!! Welcome to SR!!!
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Do a little reading here, I'm sure you'll come up with some ideas.

Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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I feel I am missing out on so much that Life has to offer.
I feel lethargic every morning and lack energy
Does it matter if anyone 'here' considers your drinking "extreme"?

Sounds like it's making your life a bit miserable in a few aspects.

How bout take a month off and see how you feel?
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I could not have 2 Beers without having 8 more. It was a problem, I Quit! end of story. It's not easy,but for me the best thing for my future.

Welcome 2 SR
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Welcome welcome!

"If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic" AA, Page 44

For me, it was also important to pay attention to the progression of my drinking. The consumtion gradually increased, and the time between drinks or binges decreased steadily. That was a big indicator that I had an illness, because the disease is indeed progressive.

In the end, it didn't matter how much I was drinking; what mattered was my quality of life while I was in the throes. I was tired, useless, in self-pity, annoying, lonely, and ashamed. I wanted a better life, and that is what we get in recovery.

Recovery is a choice - no one gets to tell you whether or not you are ready for a better life. When someone told me that I didn't drink enough to be an alcoholic, I said "I am alcoholic enough for me."

Keep coming back! ((HUG))
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how extreme is extreme ?

when YOU decide it is.

theres a fantastic life on offer without drink, and all you have to do, is want it enough, to take action.

peace and fellowship to you.

may your god guide you.

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Hi Salcam

I always say its not how much we drink, but what it does to us when we do.
I agree with others here - sounds like you're pretty miserable in a lot of ways.

As for getting back to normality - if you mean going back to drinking 'normally'...I have 20 years of failed experience there. I couldn't do it.

The only way for me to move on and not be miserable anymore was to not drink at all.


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According to the United States Center for Disease control....
Moderate drinking is no more than
2 drinks a day for men..1 for women

They consider a drink to be
12 oz. of beer..5 oz. of wine...1 1/2 oz of liquor.

Your body and mind processes all 3 toxins equally
so drinking only wine or only liquor or only beer
or mixing them is of no importance.
They all do the same damage.
I'm a few years older than you and I can tell you
I did notice a lot of changes in how my body
and mind reacts to all sorts of things.....not only alcohol.

While my drinking history is different from what you
shared about yours......I can absolutely tell you I
feel sooooo much better sober.....

I too live alone and I know how easy it is to let
life drift by in my cosy pleasant apartment.
The non drinking me is so much more vital and
eager to explore the days adventure.

Welcome to SR.....
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To class yourself as an alcoholic shows you're already aware of what may be your biggest problem. You sound like one of my old drinking buddies, who drank with us on occasion, but did most of his drinking at home, alone. He has progressed into a miserable state, but for a few years he seemed to be ok, but as could be expected the alcohol eventually demanded its due, and his health is now destroyed, yet he still drinks daily. At frist, after retiring, he drank out of boredom, then he drank with us for comradery, now he drinks because he must, or face the inevitable withdrawals he fears so much. I've suggested he contact his doc and get some help, and he kindly refuses to go, but is all for the next round if someone is buying. I hope you can avoid this kind of fate.
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