16 Days Without a Drop!

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Talking 16 Days Without a Drop!


Over the weekend my brother-in-law & sister-in-law came spent the night and we had our normal football bash - which always includes LOTS of beer & other various fun drinks that we all like to experiment with.

But not me! I drank some of the mixes just because they are good (bloody mary mix=yum), but didn't have a drop of poison with any of it. Did they wonder why? Maybe, but I just explained that I didn't want any & that my body doesn't seem to react to alcohol like it used to. My "only one drink" turns into.... 79 of them I explained. They chuckled and just went on about their business. It was great. We all still had a great time, my kids didn't see their mom plowed and my liver is still applauding my decision. My husband thinks I'm overreacting and doesn't think I have a problem (boy, did I hide it well or what??), but he doesn't care what I do - drink or not - "whatever" he says.

I can do this. God is with me and is my support. (And all of you guys too!!!! Your replies really help me - just to know that you all actually get it and understand how serious this is and support me. )
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you rock!!! i remember when you first got can one forget a name like yours.

i too have been through 3 weekends of football tailgating. the first one was tougher than the last two.

when i arrived at the last one i was offered a drink and i said no, i'm just drinking water and showed my bottle. my buddy who knew i used to carry vodka in a water bottle said "yeah right". i told him no, fo' real, i haven't had anything in over 30 days. he was cool with it.

but this is about you....rock on.
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I'm glad you had a good time and stayed committed doing it CRJ - that's great

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We do understand, and good for you for choosing a sober life.
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Fighting To Stay Clean!
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i wish one day I can be offered a pill, say no and laugh about it in the end like it was nothing. Good inspiration! Keep it up!
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Great job ChoosingRealJoy I was amazed that the world didn't revolve around my drinking when I quit.... everyone just carried on with their thing (minus one or two that had to test & question me for a while)

Keep it up
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ChoosingRealJoy glad to hear things went well, funny how when we are drinking and considering quitting or have quit we get it into our heads "Wow people are going to think I am (Insert your own word or words here) because I am not drinking". Then we discover one of 2 things or possibly both:

1. No one gives a hoot if I am drinking or not.
2. They are VERY happy I am NOT drinking! LOL

Looking back on when I was drinking and did not care if folks knew I was drinking or not, I really could care less if any one else was drinking, I was pretty self centered and really only cared if I was drinking.
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Great job, CRJ! So inspiring! I hope to have a similar story in 13 days... 16 days sounds like such a long time!
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Well, I'm on my way
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That Wonderful! Congratulations! I haven't been put to the test of being around alcohol yet, but I'm glad to hear it doesn't have to be hell. Yep, people are either indifferent to whether or not ya drink or they're delighted. Anybody who has a problem with somebody not drinking simply has a problem.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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16 days sober and you can already be around alcohol, not drink and have a great time? What is your secret? You're doing great. I'm jealous.
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Practice Sobriety
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congrats. the football games are alot clearer without drinking. I might try to write down stats or notes of plays and chat with other people to keep from getting bored. I would tell you maybe to bet on the games but that is a road people on here would frown on
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Way to go....
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McRibb, oh yah we do our picks. And guess what? I'm ahead of everyone so far this season! LOL
EvilBunny, my secret is that I've just flat out made my decision. I've shut that switch off. Too many people depend on me for me to check out with my alcohol anymore. And here's my big secret - I'm getting much much better, but after my last big binge I really started having health problems that really scared me. I can't destroy my liver, my heart, my life for a stupid beverage. I just can't. That's way too stupid. Again, too many people depend on me. That's also why I'm not in a rehab or even in AA. Too many people depend on me and I don't have the time nor the money to invest in a "program". We're barely making ends meet as it is and I'm working as much time as I can. So, I have to make my own program. Prayer and determination. And I will make that work. I have to.
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Great share! Thank-you.
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