New to SR Forum.

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New to SR Forum.

Hello SR Forum.

Alcoholic since 18 YO 1985.

My name is steven from louisiana.I am an 43 year old male alcoholic/addict.
My rock bottom was in March of 2007,when I was coming home from a bar drunk
driving in my truck with my wife.

I was about a 1/2 mile from my house in the country,when I
fell asleep at the wheel.I remember my wife screaming oh my
God and when I came to I freaked out and jerked the steering
wheel to get back onto the road,and the truck went air born
and rolled five times head light over tail light style,and
we both were thrown from the truck.

I remember seeing my wife at a distance face down.I managed to
get over to her and she was not responding.I then passed out my-
self and came to when the air-life helicopter was putting me on a
stretcher.Me and my wife were both flown to a trauma center.

The doctors thought we both would die.The miracle is we both were
released the next day.I had to turn myself in for arrest of a DUI and
I was quickly bonded out and payed my fines and the terms of my
year of probation ect.

Me and my wife were both bumbed up pretty good.Her neck was hurt
along with her back.Most of my ribs were broken and we both were
scraped up by rolling through the gravel and grass,where we received
grass burns.We are miracles to have survived and I thank God.

I was sober for a few months while recovering from the wreck and
decided to have a beer and was drunk for about 6 months before
going into a short 72 hour detox center.

I have had three small slips since Feburary 2008.My first slip I drank
a six pack and got a head ache and drank nothing again for about another
six months until another slip where I drank about a twelve pack and then
nothing for another four months.My last slip about eight months ago was
roughly a three week relapse and I have had nothing since as far as alcohol

I started visiting my sister on a daily basis who is a pain management patient.
She knew I was still hurting from my wreck in 2007 and would give me a 10mg
percocet,every time I would visit her.I would feel so good from this pill that
I finally got into pain management after test and MRI`s ect.About seven months
ago I was put on 20mg of Oxycontin every twelve hours which is twice daily.Since
starting them I cut them into four pieces into 5mg pieces that I would take every
3 or 4 hours throughout the day.

I have noticed my thinking has changed for the worse since getting on these pills.
I have been slowly weaning myself off from the generic oxycontin which is oxycodone.
I was in wal-mart in the book section last Friday,and I had a weird experience mentally.
I felt for a short period of time that I was going to go insane.Then on Sunday me and my
wife went to church and while the preacher was preaching the same feeling came over me
again and I almost lost it in the meeting but managed to not freak and finally the service
was over.

I dont know if my weaning off oxycodone is to fast causing these weird feelings but I am
determined to get off for good.I am down to 5mg 4 times a day from up to 40mg a day.

In the past I was diagnosed at 8 years old as being ADHD and a couple of years ago having a
panic disorder and a bipolar disorder where I stay in the manic phase constantly and the Oxy
induces mania.

Thank you for listening and being here.

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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.

Interesting about the oxy/mania thing, back in my drinking days, would occasionally steal my ex's scrips, usually vicodin, and when I was high would notice that I was pretty ambitious, got a lot done. Have to research that.
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Hi Steven,
& thanks 4 sharing yr story.
I share the alcohol addiction as U do, but when it comes 2 the pills, do not have a clue on weaning. Please seek medical advice.
Lots of great people here and I'm sure someone will B along shortly and offer better advice. We do have a substance abuse section that I think would also B good to read and share there. Good luck, God speed and stay strong.
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welcome friend you will find a lot of help and love here
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You've got quite a story Steven, I'm glad that you're here to share it with our members. Welcome to SR!
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Welcome to SR. Lots of support here and lots have experience regarding the pill thing and im sure will be along shortly with great advice
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I do appreciate the warm welcome

Again thank you

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Hi Steven
Welcome to SR

I really think the best way to go is to see your doctor and seek their advice. I hope we can help you with support tho.

We also have a substance abuse forum you may be interested in reading and posting to
Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

Glad to have you aboard
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steven......welcome to glad your here.
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Hi Steven to SR, glad to have you here with us.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome .......
Blessings to you and family
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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What wonderful welcomes.Thank you all my friends so much.

I am blessed to be here.

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Hi Steven, I'm new here, too and these folks are great. I'm glad you're here!
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Originally Posted by mirage View Post
Hi Steven, I'm new here, too and these folks are great. I'm glad you're here!

Thank you also.

I pray you are more than blessed in recovery.

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