big step

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big step

I just admitted my alcohol problem in an email to my best friend. It's the first time I've said anything to anyone but in this forum. I'm really scared to wake up and to check my email. I don't wanna be out there...but I feel like this is a huge step for me. This was the right thing to do, right?
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If you felt it was the right thing to do by letting this person know....I would say yes. Indeed--this is a huge step.
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Hi Mirage

Admitting I had a problem was a huge step for me too - first admitting it to myself and then to others. Although most people said 'yes we know' LOL, the responses were almost all positive - I hope this is the same for you too

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Chances are your best friend already knows. Regardless of how it turns out you did the right thing. Trying to keep our problems a secret from people that our important to us just weighs us down. I hope you feel lighter in the morning when you read you friends email.

Life just got a little simpler for you.

Please let us know how it turns out.
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Yes, it was the right thing.
The longest journey starts with the first step !!
Be strong !

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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I think it was the right thing...

I truly hope it's a positive response, and if they're your best friend, yeah, they probably know.

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Mirage if the person is a friend they will be more then supportive, one can not solve a problem unless they admit they have one.
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Hi Mirage. I spent many years trying to hide my drinking, & it was causing me huge stress. As they say, we're only as sick as our secrets. The relief was huge for me & everyone who had watched me struggle. My friends were afraid to say anything to me & were glad when it was out there & could be talked about.

Coming to SR and reading everyone's stories - no longer feeling alone - is what gave me the courage I needed. Yes, you did the right thing. I think you'll feel a huge burden has been lifted.
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I agree with what everyone has said. It can be hard and scary to admit we have a problem. It is most definately the right thing to do. Welcome to SR...
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The secret is out, good 4 U.
I just bet this friend will offer U so much comfort and support.
Well done, stay strong and true.
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Thanks for your responses. I got the most wonderful email back...couldn't have been more supportive. Not sure how I feel about it yet..I can't even believe I did it, but I think it's best that someone knows what I'm struggling with.
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