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But if you would wish to take a small hit when others may be smoking and it is a social thing (and you don't "crave" to get stoned) and you carry on with your day and keep living the new life that you have worked so hard for then I don't see a problem with it.
Sounds a lot like the way I used to think about alcohol.
There's some big 'if's' in there Volcom.

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I don't have a problem with pot. I think it's got a ton of benefits over booze, but I do think it can be habit forming for those of us who are prone to such things (raises hand).

I don't know if someone can be addicted to alcohol and not abuse pot, at least not without some serious recovery time that can shed light on why a person becomes addicted, but for me they would not be on the same "sober calendar" if I am quitting booze I am counting the days I have not drank booze.
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Originally Posted by hendershot View Post
Alcohol is a drug. AA is for those addicted to alcohol, sure. But alcohol is not the key ingridient--addiction is. And 12-step recovery is the treatment of addiction. Not the treatment of alcohol-specific addiction. The big book never states that alcohol is the problem.
Yes, that is as true as it gets. Great job.
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A drug is a drug.
Clean and sober for me means clean and sober.
No in betweens.
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Hahaha, I agree mind would probably go crazy which is why I don't toy with moderating my drinking because this is how my mind works. As I said I don't plan on starting up a new habit (smoking weed) but if someone told me this is what they do and they are happy and their program is working for them I am saying I wouldn't judge them, that's all. For me, my mind need to be free of mind altering chemicals, end of story. I just believe that some people get frustrated if an individual can control their weed smoking but have an affliction to alcohol because they themselves cannot do this (jealousy). Again just my opinion.
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My father was an alcoholic all my life. He was a vodka drunk (thanks dad, lol). The second to the last time he quit, my brother had this brilliant idea to buy him weed to help him. Mind you my dad was old school from the Korean war. He tried it though. He was sober for two weeks until he tried the dope. The next day after he smoked, he relapsed. Luckily before he died he was able to see 2 years of sobriety. My thought is that it is trading one drug for another. They are both mind altering. Bad news if you are in recovery.
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I spent a lot of years arguing this drug was not as bad as that drug...mostly to justify my use, or perhaps pave the way for it in the future.

I'm glad I finally learned what for me is an incontrovertible truth - that the addictive part of me will use whatever it can, whatever drug high it can get, to take me out of reality and send me back to the same dark place.

I think this thread has run its course now.

Lets not forget we're a recovery site.

This is from our rule 2
It is inappropriate to promote the use of alcohol or drugs on our addiction recovery forums.
Lets all go and help a newcomer

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