I can't Do it! 5 days

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Ron I was medically detoxed, I did not become dependant on anything as a result of it.

I hope you are seeing your doctor as I type this.

I can attest to the fact that I could not stay sober, but WE can!
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Sounds like you need more help than trying to white knuckle it on your own. Dee is right, after 5 days you're really through 'detox', and what you might be experiencing now could be due to post acute withdrawal, or other things all together that have nothing to do with drinking.

What's your plan? You never have to feel this way again, which is the great thing! It's all up to you.
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Hi, Ron!

Please get back with us so we know what's going on, K? Concerned!

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I planned on seeing my Doc today, but the Ambulance ride took first place. Went into a very nervous shake and sweat, heart racing and I called 911. The Hospital doc was like,there is nothing we can do for you. By the way I take Xanax daily. He said your already on a Benzo and thats what we would give someone in detox.

Any thoughts on taking xanax and zolof together? I'm a mess but no drinking. Anxiety attacks are severe.
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We can't give medical advice here Ron - I personally have no idea of those two medications and the way they might interact.

See your regular doctor as soon as you can.

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Utilize your doc for ?'s regarding things like "mixing pills" and their effects. You can also Google about it but think calling your doc is the best and safest bet for you!
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everything is already ok
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I cant do this alone either and after all this time I have not met anyone who is clean and sane doing it alone.

I love never being alone today

Keep posting
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Originally Posted by rondfw777 View Post
I can't do it on my own.

Hey Ron, read my little siggy down there. I haven't read through the rest of the posts but my suggestion would be to take the "can't" out. You can do it. Many of us have. Lot's of us stumbled MANY times along the way.

Keep Reading and posting. Keep the faith, you will get there.
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