Congratulations, jomey on 2 yrs! :)

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good for you, and congratulations Jomey!
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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Excellent!!!!!!!!! 2
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What an achievement, well done you xx :day6
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where the light is
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Congrats Jomey! Huge milestone!
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Congratulations Jomey on 2 years! Woo-hoo! :ghug3

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Two years, that's incredible and you should be proud of your accomplishment, cause we sure are!!!!
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Thank you guys all so much! I have been going through a bit of a tough time with a health issue - thank God I am sober or I'm sure I'd be a million times worse - and it makes your support extra meaningful! Now that harvest time is almost over and the farm is almost ready to "sleep" for the winter, I can spend a lot more time here at SR with my friends!! YEE-HAW!

Love, Jomey
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Living in sobriety
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Congratulations! Truly Awesome!
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Congratulations girl friend!!! I didn't know you were at 2 years. You are definitely an inspiration in life. You have had some major tough times and yet you move through them with grace and dignity. Love you!!! Sar
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