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day of being sober...

I wanted to gain some progress before posting. I'm doing pretty well. I'm getting quite experienced at this recovery thing

I didnt sleep much this night so I woke up with a pretty serieus headache. I'm supposed to study statistics right now, but I find it hard to focus with this trobbing inside my skull. I now were the headache comes from, veins widening (that's a good thing, more circulation means more oxigen and nutrions transported through my body, means more healing), but I so conditioned to smoke weed and fall asleep for several hours when I feel like that. The thought pops every once in a while in my head, but I now it's the addiction devil messing with me, so I just let him whine.

I've been reading lots of posts here the last few days, and I've learned something new about recovery i didn't fully REALISE before. It's all about dealing with feelings sober.

I always thought that as soon as I quit smoking weed everything in my life will be wonderfull, but that's not the way how this works. So i'm coping. Trying to be productive and accopied even though my attention span can't cover more then ten minutes at a time

my love to all....
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coming_clean congrats on 4 days.

It's all about dealing with feelings sober.
Exactly what I have found as well, one thing I was kind of surprised about in AA's steps was that only one of the 12 steps mentions alcohol, the first one! The remainder all involve finding a new solution for life that allow us to live life aka deal with feelings and not even think of drugs or alcohol as any part of a solution for dealing with life and feelings.

I always thought that as soon as I quit smoking weed everything in my life will be wonderfull, but that's not the way how this works.
I thought the same thing about my alcoholism, I kept thinking that all I needed to do was stop drinking and life would be AWESOME!!!!! Well it took me a lot of years to finally see that my drinking was but a symptom of my disease, all of my problems lay in my head and my thought processes and where I looked for guidance in living. Once again those 12 steps helped me to find a Power greater then I that would help me to solve my problems.
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grateful to be here
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cc love the avatar! congrats on your 4days!!!
i also like what taz had to say. when i was drinking i blamed everything on it. if my hair didn't fix right, i could always say if i wasn't hungover it would have laid better (ohhh the weird things i used to think---that example would be the tip of the iceburg) and i think everyone probably thinks that. and i think some of that comes from other ppl making comments too. everything hasn't fixed for me. and it seems i've pretty much been sick since i quit. but i think my depression is on a little better road now that i don't have the alcohol screwing with it. i certainly have a bit more money to spend on positive things like paying my bills on time..... point i'm trying to make is.... focus on some little things that are going right. sobriety isn't like winning the lottery -- but i think it is what you make of it. also think about the bad things that could be going on if you were still smoking. life is life....but there is a better one out there if you keep plugging along one day at a time.
again congrats on making the decision to help yourself and get on the road you want to be on. keep posting!!!
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Yes, you are absolutely right.

Sobriety is about sitting through the unpleasant feelings that come along and learning that we CAN do that.
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Well, I'm on my way
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It's time to change!
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Soooo glad you're here and posting! You'll have soooo much support, if not already! God speed for physical recovery with quitting "stuff"!

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It's time to change!
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Wanted to get ya back on top for all the encouragement and atta boys you deserve!
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Congrats CC - you're definitely on the right track IMO

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