Something for us to think about today!

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Something for us to think about today!

Consider the following situations. A person born with a cleft palate becomes a surgeon specializing in the repair of cleft palates. A stutterer who corrects his problem becomes a speech therapist. A recovering alcoholic now works as a drug rehabilitation counselor. These individuals are living the story of the "wounded healer" - a person who uses the understanding gained in his own healing to assist others with the same problem.

A modern example of the wounded healer can be seen in the life of Bill W., the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous [AA]. Faced with an illness over which he was powerless, Bill W. joined forces with Dr. Bob Smith to create a society of fellow sufferers. Since its inception in 1935, AA has become a source of healing and inspiration to millions of alcoholics around the world. The immensity of Bill W.'s suffering was redeemed by the infinite good that it accomplished.

Because we all suffer spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical "wounds," each of us has the capacity to be a wounded healer. Think back to times that you have been most effective in helping others. You will no doubt find that the wounds you helped to heal were the very same ones that you once overcame in yourself.

Thus, if you are dealing with a wound in your life right now, realize that one day your hurt will be a healing balm for another wounded soul. For this, give thanks
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