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14 days sober and counting. Apart from thinking about my sobriety all the time, I'm fine all day until I'm driving home. I don't know why, I guess it's when I used to have my first one of the day during the working week. Yesterday it was so bad I could even taste the damn poison. I tried driving a different route, but still its that little moment of 'end of day' feeling.
Once I'm home I feel fine, I get on with routine tasks and then sit down with my cup of 'tea for tension' and everything is calm inside me. Even peaceful, happy I made it another day.
I just wanted to share this and hope everybody else is keeping strong.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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how about drinking something non alcoholic as you drive home?
Just a thought.....

Well done on your progress
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Well done on two weeks sober! Don't give in the the addict voice. I've relapsed too many times to remember and each time, getting sober again was harder than before. You CAN stay sober!
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It's a hard life.... but it's worth it.
You've done really well.. keep going

Personally, it's hard enough for me with all my mental crap going on right now, so I would never ever want to get back on the booze trail.
Trail of death, more like.

Take care.
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Good job on the 2 weeks, like Carol suggested, grab something to drink non-alcoholic for the ride home. I still drink a cup of coffee on my ride home.
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Hi Saphie

Habits are hard to break but drinking something non alc before you set off so that you're 'full' on the ride home might help, or sucking on a candy...

In the end, thoughts are just that - thoughts.
You don't have to act on them and you haven't been - this is a good thing

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