Some advice?

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Carrie just a little secret to let you in on.

Do you remember ever NOT going some where because you were not going to be able to drink at all? I sure do!!! Some times I would just flat out say NO, I am not going, I gave no one an explanation because I did not need to!

Well guess what, I did the exact same thing a few times in early sobriety............ I just did not go because my sobriety was and still is the most important thing in my life! Why? Because I know that if I drink again I will lose every single thing I gained due to my sobriety along with eveything else I did not lose when I was a drunk!

When I became willing to do what ever it took to stay sober I learned that the word NO is not only a word..... but a complete sentence.
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Hey Carrie,

Have you done any AA meetings? I was nervous about going to one, but was having a strong desire to drink, so I went. And now I've gone four times, and am making plans to go every day next week.

It has helped with reminding me I've got a problem, and keeping me on track. Try to go to one tomorrow, before the weekend starts. And maybe you can see if there are more meetings over the weekend you can duck out to. It'll help.

Congrats on making it this long! I know you don't want to throw it all away for one weekend, especially because you've said how important it is to get sober to be a better mom.

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Carrie, no reason to lie, and no reason to tell them you are an alcoholic.

Real simple. Here is your response if you need to make one when offered an alcoholic beverage .......................

"Because of my current stomach problems. my doctor has advised that I abstain from all alcohol."

Real simple and it is the truth as alcohol aggravates the gastronic system.

There. You are not lying. You can stick with your desire not to drink and in the process, it will also shut up that 'voice' that I like to call King Alcohol.

Hope that helps.

Love and hugs,
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