Over a week - Success!

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Over a week - Success!

It's been over 1 week since my last sip of alcohol and I feel so much better. I can't wait til I can say "I haven't had a drop of liquor since... let's see... September 2009!"

I'm focusing better, my bloating is gone, my stomach and head have stopped hurting, I remember what I did last night....
Everything is much better and will keep getting better.

Sunday was a little weird with my daughter, but we'll adjust. I think usually I've been a little buzzed when I'm with her and maybe we usually giggle more. But it'll get better. I'm sober and maybe not so giddy. (how would I know???) But I'm still me. Now I'm the real me, and the longer I'm sober the better me I will become. The longer I'm sober, the easier joy will come, and knowing me, the giddier I will be.

Next weekend brother & sister-in-law are staying with us and usually it becomes a party. It will be a party, but I will be completely sober - and still have fun.
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Awesome!! Congrats on your sobriety!!!
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Thanks for sharing your success and keep up the great work!
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love your name 'choosingrealjoy'. btw, you freakin' ROCK. one week is a great accomplishment. your attitude sounds great too. keep it up and you will enjoy the little things with your daughter that you just completely missed. i know i have in the short time i've been quit with my two sons.
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One thing to consider is that you need to make your sobriety as your #1 focus now. Having a "party" with your brother and sister-in-law during your second week of sobriety might be more of a test than you need to subject yourself to.

I agree that you can certainly have fun at a party with others drinking (and you not), but I found that I did need to build up some of that sober bank account before I could attempt it.

From my experience, I tried to change the venue a bit when this happened to me.

First, I was honest with everyone that I wasn't going to drink. I planned what I was going to say ahead of time - and I told them before they arrived. Honesty is best, but if you aren't ready for that (as I wasn't), you can come up with something vague like "Alcohol just isn't working for me now, so I have decided to take a break for a while." This allows them to make alternative plans if drinking is a big deal to them. (If it is, this is a red flag to be discussed at a later date.)

Then, while I did have a bottle of wine for them to drink at dinner, I got rid of all the extra alcohol so they wouldn't be able to drink for more than just the dinner time. Coffee with chocolate is pretty good for after dinner.

With all this said, there is nothing wrong with asking everyone not to drink while they are at your house. If your sobriety is your #1 objective, then your guests having a slightly less-fun time is not your concern. Send them to the local bar/restaurant while you go to an AA meeting or such.

I am thrilled that you are so committed to be completely sober when your relatives come and still have fun. It is a great attitude. Just also recognize that you are human and you need to take things one day at a time. There is no reason to "test" your will power un-necessarily in these early critical weeks.

And you might be surprised, they might be thrilled to see you not drink (and you might even lead by example).
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Well, I'm on my way
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Congratulations. I know, that first wonderful week without! There will be challenges, but savor every victory!
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Good for you!

And, yes, it can be a bit awkward at first, but I think it's a lot better to feel a bit awkward, than to be drunk.
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good for you
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I'm so glad you're feeling better CRJ

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It's been over 1 week since my last sip of alcohol and I feel so much better. I can't wait til I can say "I haven't had a drop of liquor since... let's see... September 2009!"

We are on the same path...10 days for me today. So pleased to hear that you are feeling better. Great work xx
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You will only notice that things get better from here on. The bloating can take a couple of months to go away all the way.

Way to go!!
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Congrats to you and your success!!!
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Congrats on the week, so what are you doing to stay sober?
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Couple of months for the bloating? That's really good to know-thank you so much for including that info. Maybe now I'll stop looking at my belly every 20 minutes. lol

What am I doing to stay sober? #1 - Without the haze in my blood, I'm thinking now. Bottom line - I've made my decision.

I've had 2 kids, (5 years apart) nursed them both and stayed sober for all of it. When I found out I was pregnant, I just made the decision to not have a drop because it would hurt my kids. Without being pregnant I didn't have myself convinced thoroughly that I was affecting my children. Sobering up now, I know it has. And just like when I was pregnant I have now flipped the "oh whoa is me...let me escape for awhile in booze" switch to OFF POSITION. (After a little more time, I'm ripping the stupid switch off the wall!)

Also, this time I really scared myself physically. My liver went for a loop and really hurt after this last binge. I'm sure I've damaged it and now that I have researched it all, by ned, I will not let a stupid beverage destroy my liver, destroy my relationships, put me in physical pain, and perhaps shorten my life! NO WAY!

I talk to God daily and I thank Him for healing my liver and body and for making me victorious over my alcohol addiction. I have Faith that God gives me strength and I know as long as I have that Faith that I will remain sober forever. God healed my father from stage 4 throat cancer 11 years ago, God performs miracles, God is with me and I will not fail. That's how I am staying sober.

As I said, this weekend my brother & sister-in-law will be staying with us and they love to drink (as well as my husband) - especially with football. But I know what to say and what to do. I'm 38-I'm in business-I know sales too & I'm not a bit shy. I'm certainly not going to make a big deal about it though. They can control themselves. They can stop drinking. It's not their fault that I can't, so I'm certainly not going to put anything away or only offer a certain amount. Don't worry me11109 - I'll handle it and we'll all have great time without me possibly passing out! :-) (What a concept - just kidding)

Thinking back I have some really horrible stories that came about because of my drinking. It all went wacko this year - this summer really. Our finances got really scary for awhile and so may stressful things were happening and I just chose to check out. It is literally through the grace of God that I.... wow.... I'm so blessed and so lucky. I don't want to look back though. My mother always taught me to never look back. Yesterday can never change. Today is what is important. Today is what we live for. Tomorrow is what we dream for.
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You sound good! Sobriety definitely gets better and better....especially for your kids.
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Congrats to you and the work that you are doing to maintain your sobriety.

I know how difficult it can be at times. Sometimes at least for me I take things and turn them into mountains. I felt kinda pushed away at something that I read today. But no matter what, I know what I am doing today, and I can't allow those thoughts to entertain my mind or I will be drunk by the end of the day.

Glad your here and sharing your story!
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Congrats!!!!!!!! One day at a time!
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It's time to change!
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What an INSPIRATION you are!!!!
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