How was your energy level affected?

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How was your energy level affected?

I was wondering if any of you saw significant changes in your energy level once you got sober.

I am in my 20s, but I feel like I am constantly run-down and exhausted. I am amazed at the energy that people have who are decades older than me. I think that exercising should help this, but I was wondering about the effects of drinking on my energy.


P.S. Day 1 and counting. Poured out all alcohol in the house last night.
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I noticed after a period of sobriety that I had more energy than when I was drinking. However, I'm not a good example of which to make a judegment as I'm severely depressed and anxious and that affects my energy level somewhat like drinking did.

But yes, overall, I did notice more energy when sober for a while.
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When I'm in periods of sobriety, the sky is the limit! Have so much more energy and feel generally more able to cope with things.
When in periods of drinking, all just falls apart
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The first week or so after I quit was pretty wiped out, but I think that's because my body was working on repairing all the damage I had done to it. There's a sticky under "Alcoholism" about what to expect/what we did when quitting, check it out, it helped me out a lot. I feel way better now than I ever did when drinking. Congratulations on your sobriety!
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collegegirl for the first several months of my sobriety my energy level was nil, it picked up a lot as time went on, at 52 I actually developed a spring in my step!!

That being said my big problem for a long time was "Getting going". I mentally had to force myself to do physical things, once I got started I had all the energy I needed to get the job done, the problem was mentally starting to do what needed to be done. I still get that way but I recognize what is going on in my little pumpkin head and make myself start and I am fine.
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I think when I first got sober, I assumed my body would be so amazing almost instantly because I wasn't poisoning it anymore.. then I realized it needed time to heal, as did my brain, and my 'being'. I had been abusing it all for so long! However, after a couple of months, I started feeling better than I could ever remember feeling.. and still do. Sure I have my slumpy days, not everything is PERFECT now.. shouldn't be. it's life, but for sure I'm very healthy and have energy to spare!
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CollegeGirl-Congrats on the one day and counting- I'm two days and counting. Went back out and it sucks. But on the energy level, it will come back. I'm almost 40 and and I try to go to the gym 5 days a week. I'm also training for a 1/2 marathon, so me going out 3 days ago, my energy level is awful. But I'm hoping that in a couple of days it will go back to a normal level. Good luck! and have a great and sober day. 1KitGer
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You've gotten lots of good advice here.

When your body has been poisoned, it can take some time to recover. But, hopefully you will feel better soon.
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I'm on day 27 far I pretty good except for the tiredness. That is due to the fact that I sleep like absolute crap. I haven't had a good sleep since I quit. Despite that I still feel better than I did when I was binging. If I ever start to sleep good I know I will be feeling great. Congrats on your decision for sobriety.

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I'm at day 103...
In my drinking days, I was constantly tired. Alcohol and a good night of deep and healthy sleep (not passing out) don't match. Drinking helped to refind the energy - so that is/was a huge trigger for me - until the day after of course...
When I quited, the first weeks were a mess at the energy front. Actually, most people asked me why I had the zombie-look, while they never did before.
Now, it's getting better. Sleep has much improved, I wake up earlier, spontaneously and I really feel like I had a good night of sleep. Before, I could sleep for 12 hours and still feeling exhausted...
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Day 4 here and very tired because detox wears you down,not to mention very lame sleep and for me nightmares from hell.
Now if Drinking were good for anybody,would we all be in here talking about how bad we feel or felt? Healing takes time and I'm not turning back!

Keep on Keeping on! Move forward and forget about the past!

Grind it out!

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my friends we weren't sober always seemed to have more energy. I think that maybe because of the meth and cocaine though
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This morning I went grocery shopping, came home and cleaned the oven, (including removing the door and cleaned all three layers of glass), removed the glass door to the fireplace, disassembled it and polished the glass, cleaned my gas grill, threw two loads into the washer, hung all the clothes up, planted bulbs in my garden. I went over to my neighbors and my son and I bought a large piece of furniture and carried it back home.
Vacuumed the kitchen floor. Went to the store again around 6PM. Walked past the liquor store. Thought: Nep, not going in there....
Came home changed the sheets on the beds, more laundry. Took a shower finally. (whoops, those poor people in the supermarket....I needed a shower)
Folded laundry.
I looked at my diary to see what I was doing two years ago. I was on a binge and drank all day, sat in front of the computer having flame wars on a talk forum while drunk and then passed out around 9PM: I was exhausted....
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After the detox phase was over (in my case it lasted a good 10 days which I spent in bed), my energy level was all over the place for a while.

These days, I'm learning to listen to my body... when I'm feeling drained and run down, I take a break and rest . And if I get too hyper, I make a conscious effort to slow down, and tell myself to relax

The best part was getting this sense of wellbeing that increased quite steadily over time - it's very noticeable, feels great I hope you get to experience it too, hang in there.. it does get better.
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Great stuff here. All I would add is don't forget to nourish your body.
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